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Heavy metal contamination in pork offal focus of Thailand event

Animine presents at Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries
The theme of “sharing toxicological knowledge for healthy life and environment” was key at the 8th Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries, held in Bangkok, Thailand, where attendees focused on the risks of heavy metal contamination in pork offal during a presentation given by Animine in association with Mahidol University (Thailand) and the French Institute for the Pig and Pork Industry.
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2013 International Production & Processing Expo surpasses 400,000 net square feet

Show registers largest number of exhibitors in a decade
The 2013 International Production & Processing Expo has surpassed 400,000 net square feet in exhibit space, covering over 20 acres of exhibit area, according to show organizers. Comprised of three integrated tradeshows — the International Poultry Expo, the International Feed Expo and the American Meat Institute's International Meat Expo — more than 970 exhibitors have registered for the 2013 International Production & Processing Expo as of the beginning of September. 
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India gets cattle feed processing plant in state of Gujarat

Cattle rearing sector neglected in India, says ministry official
A cattle feed processing plant and an institute for dairy technology have been inaugurated at Mahesana's Dudhsagar dairy in the Indian state of Gujarat, according to reports. The factory is the biggest in the country and will process 1 million kilograms of cattle feed per day. 
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Lallemand, Bionov partner on swine animal feed project

Research aims to reduce antibiotics in pigs, other animals
An animal feed project aimed at reducing antibiotic use in swine, as well as poultry and aquatic species, is being spearheaded by Lallemand Animal Nutrition and Bionov and has won the support of the French government, which is providing the companies with a grant of €2.9 million to assist with further development. The collaborative project, Melofeed, focuses on the development and marketing of animal feed ingredients extracted from melons and was officially unveiled at SPACE 2012 on September 12. 
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International Poultry Expo marks 65 years of industry service

Expansion leads to integrated International Production & Processing Expo
The International Poultry Expo is celebrating 65 years of tradeshow service to the poultry and egg industry. Sponsored by U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, the first “poultry convention” was attended by 200 poultry men in Atlanta in 1948. 
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Canada pork producers concerned over high feed prices

Ethanol policies must be re-evaluated if production is to remain viable
Canadian pork producers are raising concerns over increasing animal feed prices due to the continuing U.S. drought, saying that ethanol policies and low crop yields in the U.S. are causing grain prices to rise to the point where it may no longer be economical to have pigs. “Grain is by far the largest cost component of raising pigs, and marketplace realities are such that pork producers cannot simply pass along added costs to buyers," said Canadian Pork Council Chair Jean Guy Vincent. 
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Georgia governor latest to call for ethanol mandate waiver

Request comes on heels of Federal Register notice of public comment period
Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has become the latest to petition the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requesting that the Renewable Fuel Standard be waived in light of the current drought plaguing the Midwest. The University of Georgia has reported that the state’s poultry producers are spending $1.4 million extra per day on corn due to the drought and the upward pressure on corn prices caused by the demand created by the Renewable Fuel Standard for ethanol.
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Europe feed makers, farmers struggling with high grain costs

Time to pass costs on to consumers, say farmers
European animal feed makers are saying they have limited options when it comes to making substitutes to cope with rising global grain costs, and farmers dealing with increased feed costs say they may be forced to reduce their herds as meat prices fail to keep pace, according to reports. Global corn and wheat prices rose 50 percent and soybeans roughly 20 percent in the six weeks to the end of July as the U.S. entered a drought that continues to present challenges. 
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Proper nutrition essential for long-term sow profitability

Right feeding strategies can lead to herd longevity
The stress of a gilt’s first litter can result in under-conditioning, which can affect the length of time it takes for the sow to return to estrus, and proper nutrition strategies are essential to prevent this lag time or a slump in future production, according to Mike Hemann, Great Lakes Region swine nutritionist for Purina Animal Nutrition LLC. Proper nutrition can also help to keep young sows in the herd longer.
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High pig feed prices challenge British bacon producers

National Pig Association calling for local shoppers to support industry
UK producers, representing 10 percent of the UK's weekly pig production, could be forced to quit by Christmas due to poor crop-growing weather around the world making feed too expensive, according to the National Pig Association. British pig farmers have faced a 25 percent increase in the cost of pig feed ingredients, such as wheat and soya, in recent weeks as a result of poor crop-growing conditions, particularly in the U.S.
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