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Livestock Feed Manufacturing

FDA to withdraw approval for antibiotics in animal feed

Federal judge has ruled that overuse is endangering human health
A U.S. federal judge has ordered the Food and Drug Administration to begin proceedings to withdraw approval for the use of common antibiotics in animal feed, citing concerns that overuse is endangering human health by creating antibiotic-resistant superbugs, according to reports. The FDA began such proceedings in 1977, prompted by concerns of the widespread use of certain antibiotics, such as tetracyclines and penicillin, in livestock feed, but the approval remained in place. 
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Food, agriculture organizations want comprehensive US-EU free trade agreement

Current proposed agreement does not meet standards of other US agreements, according to coalition
An ad hoc coalition of 40 food and agricultural organizations has sent a letter to the Obama administration and Congress expressing concern that a proposed free trade agreement between the U.S. and the EU might fall short of long-established U.S. objectives for trade pacts. It has been suggested that a U.S.-EU free trade agreement negotiation should not be pursued as a “single undertaking” with success in one area dependent on success in all the others, according to National Pork Producers Council President R.C. Hunt.
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Nutreco increases shareholding in Brazilian joint venture Fri-Ribe

Company expands base for building strong position in Brazil
Nutreco has signed an agreement to increase its shareholding in its Brazilian joint venture Nutreco Fri-Ribe from 51 percent to 97 percent, according to reports. Nutreco Fri-Ribe supplies premix and feed specialties products for poultry, swine, ruminant and aquaculture species. 
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CHS, Consumer Supply Distributing form livestock feed company

Joint venture will allow for dual expansion, product growth
Producer-owned cooperative CHS Inc. and Iowa-based Consumers Supply Distributing Co. are forming a livestock and pet food manufacturing and wholesale distribution company, Consumers Supply Distributing LLC. The Iowa-based company will offer the CHS Payback livestock and Equis horse feed brands, along with the range of livestock and companion animal products currently carried by Consumers Supply Distributing. 
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Korea corn imports may grow in 2012 on livestock recovery

Country gaining numbers after foot-and-mouth disease took 34 percent of pig herd
South Korea's 2012 corn imports may increase to 6 million metric tons as the country's livestock numbers recover from 2010–2011's foot-and-mouth disease outbreak, according to the Korea Feed Association. The number would beat 2011's 5.72 million metric tons and join a likely 8.3-percent increase by South Korea's wheat imports, which may reach 2.5 million metric tons. 
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China to destroy 6.7 metric tons ractopamine-fed US beef

Banned feed additive in dispute, but zero-tolerance policy holds for now
The Taipei City government's Department of Environmental Protection will burn 6.771 metric tons of U.S. beef containing the feed additive ractopamine to ensure that the contaminated meat does not reach Chinese consumers, according to reports. The beef, confiscated from Taipei-based beef importer Shusen Corp., is the first batch of U.S. beef containing the banned feed additive to be destroyed in wake of recent inspections. 
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Foreign pigeon pea crop may have US applications

Drought-resistant legume being studied as potential livestock forage
The pigeon pea, a subtropical, drought-resistant legume grown worldwide as a food staple, may have multiple U.S. applications, according to researchers at Texas A&M University, who received a $200,000 Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education grant to study the crop. Possible uses include as a forage for livestock, a garden crop, or edible landscape ornamental. 
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Cow feed

Optimizing available hay resources

With hay selling for vastly inflated prices this year, ranchers are looking more closely at getting cows to eat more and waste less.
With hay selling for vastly inflated prices this year, ranchers are looking more closely at getting cows to eat more and waste less. New and improved hay feeder and bunk designs can help maximize on-hand stocks of hay to last through the winter. However, it appears that the best solution for maximizing hay stocks may be simply good management.
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Novus partners with biotechnology company to develop enzyme

Novus, Verenium product will help producers get the most out of their rations
Novus International Inc. and Verenium Corp., an industrial biotechnology company that develops enzymes, announced at the 2012 International Poultry Expo the selection of a next‐generation phytase as the first enzyme candidate for commercialization from the two companies’ collaboration. The phytase enzyme being developed will help nutritionists and producers feed more efficiently and get the most out of their rations, according to the companies. 
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American Meat Institute to co-locate with IPE/IFE in 2013

Consolidation will build on synergies of sectors, provide benefits to exhibitors who produce across multiple industries
The American Meat Institute has signed an agreement with the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association and the American Feed Industry Association to co-locate the American Meat Institute tradeshow with the International Poultry Expo/International Feed Expo in Atlanta, held annually in January, starting in 2013. The three shows will operate under one umbrella creating one of the largest 50 shows in the U.S. It is expected that the entire show will include more than 1,000 exhibitors and close to 1 million square feet of exhibit space. 
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