News and analysis on the global poultry
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Livestock Feed Manufacturing

Cargill acquiring two Pennfield animal feed mills

Agribusiness giant submitted winning $9.8 million bid
Cargill is taking ownership of  two animal feed mills from the Lancaster, Pa.-based Pennfield Corporation, after submitting the winning bid  for $9.8 million in a bankruptcy proceeding.
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Some signs of optimism for poultry industry

Financial analyst encouraged by better management, retail prices
Like many agricultural bankers, Steve Hatz has heard pessimistic comments about the drought and its effects on feed grain prices and the overall economic state of the poultry industry. But the senior vice president of Bank of the West, whose animal protein portfolio includes broiler, egg, hog and cattle producers across the Midwest, sees plenty of signs of optimism.
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Corn production rising in South America

International competition, tight supply hard on U.S. grain exports
When the U.S. Department of Agriculture released its World Agricultural Supply and Demand report on January 11, it showed that South American corn producers continue to grab a bigger percentage of the market share. It also indicates bad news for U.S. corn exports. 
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Forecast for 2013 poultry, red meat production higher

Expected lower soybean feed costs key to upswing in poultry production
The 2013 forecast for total poultry and red meat production has increased from the previous month, reflecting greater broiler, turkey, beef and pork production, according to the United States Department of Agriculture's World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report.
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Creating a good impression of animal agriculture

This European tour gave students to get a real-life view of modern agriculture
When it comes to livestock farming and meat production, opinions tend to differ: Consumers want small farmers who personally care for every sow and cow. They equate intensive livestock farming with horrific photos of tortured creatures.
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USDA to start releasing reports at noon

Agency hopes new time will be better fit for industry
When the U.S. Department of Agriculture releases its crop reports on January 11, it will be the first time they are released at noon, Eastern Time. The previous release time was at 8:30 a.m., also Eastern Time.
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Arkansas researcher seeks to develop high-yielding soybeans

Yields of 80 bushels per acre attainable, doctoral student says
Ryan Van Roekel, a doctoral student at the University of Arkansas, is working to develop soybean yields that can average more than 80 pounds per bushel. Van Roekel used test plots in eastern Arkansas and Fayetteville to try out his yield-enhancing methods.
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Quantum Blue tested in trials worldwide

AB Vista product developed to destroy phytate
One year since the launch of Quantum Blue, its performance benefits have been demonstrated in more than 20 university and commercial trials around the world. AB Vista introduced Quantum Blue, an enhanced E. Coli phytase specifically developed to destroy phytate, while at the 2012 International Poultry Expo.
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