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Livestock Feed Manufacturing

Oregano being tested as potential animal antibiotics substitute

Chicken, pig farms looking to meet needs of growing organic meat market
Some farmers are testing oregano as a possible alternative to antibiotics as a way to fight off bacterial diseases, catering to a growing consumer base looking for antibiotic-free meat in their grocery aisles. Right now, antibiotic-free meat sales are a small fractino of the overall meat market, but it is a growing segment, according to data.
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Danisco demonstrates enzyme innovations at Eurotier

Costs of feed focus of company's exhibition
Danisco Animal Nutrition focused on the rising costs of raw feed materials, particularly vegetable proteins like soybean meal, while exhibiting at EuroTier 2012. Feed industry visitors saw enzyme combinations like the Avizyme 1500 series, with effects of protease on protein digestibility, beyond the release of energy by xylanase and amylase.
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Academics address how to deal with and destroy phytate

Second International Phytase Summit draws 70-plus leading researchers
More than 70 of the world's leading academics in the fields of phosphorus, phytate and phytase nutrition took part in the Second International Phytase Summit, held December 11–13 in Rome, Italy.
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Small animal feed

Diversifying with small animal feed

Market research and product differentiation has helped Standlee Hay succeed in the small companion pet food market.
Standlee Hay is best known for growing and marketing premium Western forages for the domestic market. The company also makes cubes and pellets for the large animal market. Market research and product differentiation has helped Standlee Hay succeed in the small companion pet food market.
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China feed wheat use to grow 6 percent in 2013

Consumption, imports, production all up, say researchers
China's use of wheat in animal feed is predicted to grow 6 percent in 2013, to 12.4 million metric tons, with imports increasing to meet the needs domestic production alone can't fulfill, according to agricultural researchers. The country's wheat production is expected to rise slightly in 2013, to 118.3 million metric tons from 118.1 million metric tons in 2012, said Bi Jieying, assistant professor at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. 
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Replacing soybean meal in animal feed

While it may reduce feed costs to replace soybean meal in feed formulation, attention should be paid to the consequences.
Many livestock farmers are looking for ways to replace common soybean meal to lower feed costs. This animal feed ingredient staple has become so expensive that alternatives are urgently sought after by livestock producers, nutritionists and feed companies.
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EuroTier 2012 opens with positive outlook for animal agriculture

DLG research shows European producers optimistic, but aware of challenges
EuroTier 2012 opened on November 13 with a positive outlook for animal agriculture and feed, despite the current high feed prices worldwide. The show began with a record number of exhibitors from over 50 nations, with more than half the exhibitors from outside of Germany.
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Higher feed costs may mean higher meat prices in 2013

Consumers expected to switch to cheaper meat sources as prices rise
Higher animal feed costs due to the U.S. drought that ruined crops and continues to cause challenges for farmers could mean high global meat prices into 2013 as producers struggle to regain profits, according to a Reuters report. So far, farmers have tried to control costs by scaling back production — pig producers, for example, slaughtered their breeding sows, temporarily increasing the amount of meat on the market but creating a drop that won't be felt until 2013.
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Tesco program helps pig farmers offset high feed prices

New program will offer direct contracts linked to feed prices
In a move designed to help take the pressure off British pig farmers following rising feed prices, supermarket retailer Tesco has announced plans to set up a new group, run by committees of farmers, which will guarantee a price linked to the cost of feed. According to Tesco, the farmers will be given direct contracts that will last for up to 36 months, giving farmers more security, the ability to plan ahead and a guaranteed fair price for their meat.
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Poultry, pig, dairy, aquaculture forums highlighted at EuroTier 2012

Topics to be presented in German, English
Participating at EuroTier 2012 is about acquiring global knowledge and fresh perspectives, and to further facilitate this exchange of know-how and information, topics for the forums and show specials have been carefully selected to reflect closely the trends the industry is witnessing in the animal production market today and throughout the world.
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