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Poultry overtakes pig as EU's largest animal feed segment

Poultry feed is showing an annual growth rate of 3%, whereas pig feed has remained level. Overall growth or loss in the animal feed markets by country are split.
For the first time, poultry overtook pig as the largest feed segment in the European Union, according to figures prepared by Europe’s feed federation FEFAC for its latest annual congress. Poultry showed an annual growth rate of 3% to reach 50.89 million metric tons, whereas pig feed production recorded only a change of -0.1% to stay at 49.65 million metric tons. 
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Association points out lack of railroad competition for animal feed transport

Group concerned over lack of competition in some rail transportation markets, suggests solutions
The National Grain and Feed Association said that while adequate competition to discipline the market behavior of rail carriers exists in some marketplace situations, such as in the case with other modes of transportation, cost-effective solutions are not in place for rail customers when a lack of market competition exists. NGFA submitted these comments to the federal Surface Transportation Board and suggested ways to restore balance in the railroad industry for feed transportation.
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SPACE to focus on international challenges facing livestock industry

Annual French livestock, poultry show celebrates 25th anniversary
The annual livestock trade show, SPACE 2011, September 13-16, at the Rennes Exhibition Centre, France, is focusing on the international challenges facing the poultry, pig and feed industries while celebrating its 25th anniversary and largest show to date. In the past year, the livestock industry has improved from 2009 and 2010 levels despite high feed prices.
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Kenya orders corn imports for animal feed to offset drought disaster

1.6 billion shillings allocated to water, irrigation, livestock ministries
Kenya's government has ordered extra imports of corn to help boost the country's grain reserves after declaring the current drought a national disaster, according to reports. The corn will be used to help affected livestock and people, according to Kenya President Mwai Kibaki.
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Alltech to stream live sessions from Animal Health Symposium

Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium to focus on 'Game Changers' for feed, animal health industries
Alltech will host its 27th Annual International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium on Sunday, May 22, in Lexington, Ky. Dedicated to exploring "The Game Changers" for business and the animal health and feed industries, Alltech says the program includes The Economist’s Tom Standage, Nestlé’s Hans Jöhr, Chick-fil-A’s Brian Coan, J. O’Callaghan of JBS USA and more.  
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Dutch animal feed, equipment suppliers join to expand in China livestock market

Joint venture will be operational in October 2011
Dutch animal feed supplier De Heus International and Dutch agriculture equipment supplier MS Schippers have partnered with Chinese company Wellhope Group to expand their presence in China's livestock market. The companies said they hope to combine MS Schippers' experience in the professional livestock industry, De Heus' sales infrastructure and Wellhope's location to accomplish their goal.
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French program protects poultry, livestock producers from high animal feed prices

Agreement will re-open negotiations when animal feed prices beat previous year three months in a row
A voluntary agreement, brokered by France’s minister of agriculture, will offer protection against market volatility by committing livestock producers to re-opening negotiations on animal feed payments each time feed prices rise, in three successive months, to more than 10% above the level of the same month in the previous year. According to officials, the agreement should ensure that French livestock producers receive more for their poultry and other animals.
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Victam Europe highlights opportunities for European feed producers

Now in its 17th edition, Victam provides a unique platform for technology, discussion
The past year was the year of living dangerously, said Patrick Vanden Avenne, president of FEFAC, on the opening day of Victam Europe, taking place from May 3-5, at its new location in Cologne, Germany. Vanden Avenne noted that feed prices had been volatile, and margins and profitability difficult, and he added that the feed industry’s customers had found it hard to pass on costs.  
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The grain crisis of 2011

Prices are likely to be somewhat lower than in 2008, but persist for a much longer time
The grain crisis of 2011 appears likely to eclipse the severity of the 2008 event, but in a different way. In 2008, prices spiked to punishingly high levels that led to a short lived panic followed by plummeting grain prices.
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