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Gut health

How gut health affects animal performance in ABF production

Maintaining a balanced and effective microbiome is essential for health.
The challenge of antibiotic-free production makes gut health even more important for animal performance. Maintaining a balanced and effective microbiome is essential for health. The relationship between it and the host is complex but there are novel opportunities for positive manipulation.
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Antibiotic elimination

EU animal feed stakeholders on the state of antibiotic-free production

The European Union has carved out a tough plan to push antibiotic-free animal production, backed up by peer-reviewed science highlighting the importance of nutrition.
Europe leads by example in its regulatory push away from antibiotic use in animal production, but success will rely on an integrated mindset change and continued innovation in the field.
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Future animal health applications for bacteriophages

Gene products used as antibiotics alternatives show potential in fight against antimicrobial resistance.
Scientists believe that bacteriophage gene products could eventually be used to target bacterial pathogens, such as C. perfringens, in commercial livestock and poultry applications.
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Perstorp appoints new VP animal nutrition for EMEA region

Leading specialty chemicals company Perstorp has appointed Mauricio Varvella as Vice President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), responsible for the Animal Nutrition Business Area. Varvella joined Perstorp on March 18 and reports directly to Perstorp Animal Nutrition Executive Vice President Roger Mann.
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