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African swine fever

EU aligns biosecurity measures to contain ASF

To manage biosecurity across borders requires every stakeholder and the entire supply chain to take responsibility for their role in risk mitigation.
Biosecurity is top of mind for European feed manufacturers and farmers as African Swine Fever (ASF) concerns continue to take their grip, but a coordinated response is well underway and innovation in preventative nutrition and vaccines in the pipeline.
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5 regulatory considerations for EU feed manufacturers

To address public health and environmental concerns, agriculture is being asked to remove or reduce the use of established solutions.
New feed-related regulations put an emphasis on gut health to maintain animal performance and health, potentially without the use of trusted additive solutions.
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Corn shortage continues in Kenya

Lack of supplies for animal feed threatens productivity of livestock sector
Concerns are being voiced in Kenya about the continued shortage of corn, a staple food and feed ingredient in the East African state, which is threatening the productivity of the country’s livestock sector.
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