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AFIA CEO Joel Newman's advice to feed industry leaders

Prior to his retirement, Newman offers his views on the future of the US feed industry and the importance of broad collaboration to educate consumers about the truths of animal protein production.
Outgoing AFIA president and CEO Joel Newman offers his advice for feed industry leaders and stakeholders.
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Nutritional strategies for piglet diets without zinc oxide

While there is no direct replacement, promotion of gut health and immunity helps prevent diarrhea.
The pig industry is facing the challenge of production without zinc oxide. Therefore, strategies need to be found to prevent diarrhea and optimize growth, in order to protect producers' bottom line. Ingredients, diet formulation and additives can be used to support gut health and immunity, to naturally help prevent diarrhea at weaning.
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Consumer Trends

Consumers invested in animal welfare, but knowledge is limited

Animal welfare remains on the public agenda, but a lack of consumer understanding around livestock production means actual concerns are very broad.
Animal welfare is on the public agenda, and with a plethora of certifications and major brand commitments in place, industry is responding. But very few consumers fully understand the ins and outs of livestock farming and so most animal welfare concerns remain broad.
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