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Livestock Feed Manufacturing

Simple concepts at the basis of pig feed formulation

Feed formulation requires tremendous knowledge and experience, but everything starts with these simple concepts.
It is not enough to have a feed formulation computer program and someone to operate it. It is not enough even to have the latest feed specification figures and the most updated ingredient nutrient matrix. All these are a prerequisite to having someone experienced enough to put everything together if a wholesome, healthy and profitable feed is to be mixed, manufactured, transported, stored and eventually fed to animals.
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Digitized dairy: Ag tech sparks big changes for feed's future

Smart collars and ear tags, facial recognition, virtual fencing and robotic milking are just a handful of reasons dairy is ahead of the game in ag tech.
Ag tech in dairy is advancing fast, spearheaded by smart startups and backed by sound science, which will allow producers to better understand animal behavior and how they are fed.
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Report: Europe close to 80% self sufficient in feed protein

New data includes forages for the first time
With the inclusion of forages for the first time, new data put self sufficiency in protein for livestock feeds in the 28 members of the European Union (EU) at almost 80%, but the greater transparency highlights a gap between local supply and demand in a crucial area.
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Vilofoss acquires Spanish company CPC

Complementos de Piensos Compuestos gives company an entry into Spanish market
Vilofoss, one of the three largest premix and nutrition companies in the European market for livestock production, has just acquired Complementos de Piensos Compuestos (CPC), a Spanish family-owned business. CPC produces 15,000 tons per year with a turnover of DKK120 million (US$17.9 million).
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