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Poultry Nutrition

USDA purchases extra chicken for federal programs

$40 million purchase to help ease industry surplus
The U.S. Department of Agriculture will purchase an extra $40 million in chicken products in addition to the $100 million in scheduled chicken purchases it makes each year for various federal nutrition assistance programs, including donations to food banks. The purchase will provide support to the broiler industry and to small poultry growers, according to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.   
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Poultry Federation to hold Arkansas Nutrition Conference in September

Event, sponsored by Huevpharma, addresses poultry nutrition concerns
The Poultry Federation and technical symposium sponsor, Huvepharma, will host the 2011 Arkansas Nutrition Conference from September 6-8, in Rogers, Ark. The conference will include a number of international and domestic industry experts addressing current topics and concerns in poultry nutrition.
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Broiler fecal contamination detection system under development

New feed ingredient may increase safety of poultry meat
A system to identify miniscule traces of fecal contamination on chicken carcasses in abattoirs is being developed at the University of Aberystwyth, UK. The Improved Safety Initiative aims to develop a natural additive for poultry feed that will result in ultra-violet fluorescence of feces.
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Poultry production: How probiotics can play a role

Since the importance of a well-balanced gut microflora for adequate health and high performance has been recognised, feeding strategies have been directed to control the microbial GI environment by nutritional means.
A large and diverse range of bacteria are living in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract of our animals and most of these bacteria form a symbiotic relationship with the host. Nutrition is the most important factor influencing the composition and metabolic activity of the intestinal microflora.  
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Aviagen Hungary hosts poultry seminar for European customers

Three-day event included European country updates, expert presentations
Aviagen Kft, the poultry company's Hungarian business unit, recently held its fifth poultry seminar for central European parent stock customers in Lake Balaton, Hungary. The three-day event, attended by more than 220 guests from 17 countries, consisted of a mixture of regional country updates, practical management advice and topical presentations.
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Novus to host 20th anniversary celebration on June 16

More than 500 agriculture industry guests, customers will attend the event in Missouri
Novus International will host guests at its Global Headquarters in Missouri Research Park on June 16, for a celebration of the company's 20th anniversary in animal nutrition and agriculture. More than 500 guests from 30 countries will attend the celebration ceremony as the company honors its partners and customers for their business.
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World poultry veterinarians to meet in Cancun, Mexico

World Veterinary Poultry Congress will offer lectures on salmonella, campylobacter and more
The Mexican branch of the World Veterinary Poultry Association will host the 17th World Veterinary Poultry Congress in Cancun, Mexico, from Aug. 14-18. The Congress features a program that includes keynote lectures on topics such as as Salmonella, Campylobacter, coccidiosis, avian influenza, immunity, antibiotic resistance and welfare.
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US meat science association announces speakers at June conference

Marketing ideas, food safety risks, supply chains on agenda
The American Meat Science Association announced the speakers at its Reciprocal Meat Conference  product development session on June 20. "Developing Marketable Ideas" will be presented by Dr. Craig Bacon of Tyson Foods. 
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Poultry nutrition survey shows industry investment, use of enzymes

The world’s poultry industries are set to invest in nutrition and feeding operations, while using more enzymes and DDGS, according to an exclusive WATT survey.
WATT’s 2011 Poultry Nutrition and Feeding Survey shows a cautious industry, affected by the world grains crisis and energy costs, but with intentions of using more enzymes and dried distillers grains with solubles and investing in new equipment and facilities. WATT PoultryUSA, Industria Avícola, Poultry International and Feed International magazines asked 224 industry people responsible for producing and using poultry feeds worldwide about their business outlook and key trends involving composition of rations, sustainability, investment, use of enzymes and more.
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Omega acids may reduce bone breakage in laying hens

Chickens with omega-3 added to diets showed up to 40% fewer breaks
Adding the right combination of fatty acids to the diets of laying hens can significantly reduce bone breakage during lay, according to researchers at the University of Bristol's School of Veterinary Sciences. According to one study, adding omega-3 fatty acid to the diet of free-range egg-laying hens resulted in the birds' bones being significantly stronger, with up to 40% fewer breaks.
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