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Poultry Nutrition

Ceva reports 18.5% sales growth for 2010

Company invested in R&D, infrastructure, acquisitions
Ceva Santé Animale has reported growth for the tenth consecutive year, with sales up 18.5% to €468 million (US$664.5 million) including partial sales from the company's latest acquisitions. “2010 was an impressive year for Ceva as we completed our first 10-year plan ahead of our objectives," said Chairman and CEO Dr. Marc Prikazsky.
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Alltech and KFC’s John Brown Jr. look at building business success

The history of Kentucky Fried Chicken serves as inspiration for delegates at Alltech seminar
You have to have confidence. You have to keep asking why. These were two messages from former Kentucky governor and founder of the KFC franchise John Y Brown Jr. and Alltech president Dr Pearse Lyons at an Alltech seminar held alongside VIV Asia 2011.
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Australian research initiative building poultry industry’s skills and capacity

Linking universities, governments and industry to address challenges in the poultry industry, the Poultry CRC is working across a number of related spheres.
Australia’s Poultry Cooperative Research Centre Program, Poultry CRC, is now well over a year into its latest seven-and-a-half year funding. Over this period, it has approved 21 research projects and commenced most of its education projects.
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Het Spelderholt Research Centre for Applied Poultry Research

Het Spelderholt is a research centre that forms part of the division of Animal Husbandry of the Animal Sciences Group of Wageningen UR, Lelystad, the Netherlands. The centre can trace its roots back to 1921. It has been located in Lelystad since 2004, and studies cover all aspects of poultry farming.
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The future of DDGS in poultry rations

The U.S. is rapidly expanding use of distillers grains.
The Distillers Grains Technology Council held its annual symposium this past May in Indianapolis, Ind., attended by nutritionists, commodity brokers and producers of ethanol byproducts, principally distillers grains (DDGS). The symposium covered a diverse range of topics, including transportation logistics, economic supply and demand predictions, mycotoxin concerns and the needs of poultry producers.
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Advances in nutrition

Trends in ingredients and additives for egg-laying flocks
Presentations at the 2010 Poultry Science Association meeting in Denver, Colo., documented advances and trends in feeding U.S. flocks producing table eggs. Interpretive reviews of significant papers are provided dealing with the benefits of additives, supplements and new ingredients.
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New directions for near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy in the feed industry

As it moves into the feed mill as an online process, the role of NIR reflectance spectroscopy offers ever-more possibilities.
Five decades have passed since the earliest attempts to assess cereals by spectral analysis and the first predictive equations were derived from reflectance spectra. It is already more than 40 years ago that research showed how to employ spectroscopy in estimating the quality and digestibility of forages for feeding to ruminants.
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The correct nutrition of laying hens

The proper nutrition of laying hens is essential to ensure birds, and the business, are at peak performance.
Correct nutrition plays a major role in attaining the modern laying hens’ genetic potential for egg production and egg quality. Furthermore, the cost of feed accounts for some 65 to 75% of the cost of producing an egg. Therefore, the nutrition program is critical in determining the overall profitability and success of the egg-production business.
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Designing poultry nutrition programs to optimize profitability

Designing nutrition programs to optimize profitability requires knowing and understanding goals and working with processing and sales to understand their needs.
Do your company’s poultry nutrition programs and goals match those of your processing and sales departments? Making sure all of these programs and goals are in alignment is important to every poultry company’s profitability.
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Nutritional imprinting and its benefits in poultry

Programming chicks through early dietary manipulation shows promise in producing effects of significant economic importance to the poultry industry.
Programming chicks through early dietary manipulation shows promise in producing effects of significant economic importance to the poultry industry.
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