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Cutting ABs in poultry production fostering innovation

Different countries are at different stages in their journey to antibiotic-free poultry production or production with prudent use, but common to all are new ways of working and flock management.
Adoption of prudent use and antibiotic free poultry production is progressing at varying speeds around the world and bringing with it new approaches to protecting poultry gut health.
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Is it time to raise poultry production’s sustainability?

Poultry meat and eggs are amongst the most sustainable animal proteins but with pressure growing to produce more with fewer resources, the poultry industry will need to constantly review its operations.
A growing focus on sustainability means that poultry producers, despite their strong record, need to look with fresh eyes at whether their businesses are fit for a sustainable future, says Kristin Bonham, Regional Vice President for DSM Animal Nutrition and Health in North America.
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Hemp to be approved for layer feed in the US?

Laying hen feed could be about to join the trend for hemp products, perhaps changing the meaning of happy hens.
Could layer hens in the U.S. soon be tucking into a diet of hempseed meal and cake? They will be if a submission to have hemp approved as a feed ingredient in the country is successful.
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