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Poultry Nutrition

Eating cage-free eggs with plastic in our bellies

The growing contamination, especially of plastic, deserves immediate action not only from the general public, but from the poultry industry.
Benjamín Ruiz: "How it's possible to devote time, money and efforts to get hens out of their cages, to promote their supposed welfare, when we have this problem on top of us, along with others."
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Is inflammation control key to antibiotic-free poultry?

Managing inflammation will be increasingly important for successful antibiotic-free poultry production, but more work is needed to ensure interventions are correctly chosen.
Better and quicker diagnosis of gut inflammation is needed if antibiotic-free poultry production is to gain maximum benefit from its control.
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Efficient water management practices for broiler flocks

Simply supplying broiler chickens is no guarantee that birds will derive the maximum benefit from it; a variety of factors need to monitored, and standards met, if birds are to perform at their best.
To ensure efficient chicken flock performance, water and drinking systems must meet certain standards and be carefully controlled.
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China may lower soy protein content in animal feed

Move would reduce consumption of soybean meal amid US-China trade dispute
The China Feed Industry Association (CFIA) is considering lowering crude protein and soybean meal content in pig and chicken feeds, as the trade dispute between China and the U.S. has reduced supplies and increased soy prices.
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