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Poultry Nutrition


10 slow-growing broiler feeding tips

Nutritional specifications, diet regimen, feed intake and growth rates all need careful consideration by producers moving into this sector.
To ensure profitability in slow-growing broiler production, nutritionists should alter the nutrient density and the raw materials usage in their diets.
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Broiler super pre-starters: the clean soy concept

Newly hatched chicks require special nutrition care, but what this implies is currently under investigation.
Relying on the high availability of nutrients from the absorbed egg yolk sac, nutritionists have traditionally designed pre-starter diets based on simple ingredients like corn and soybean meal, something that would be suitable for an otherwise fully mature gut digestive system. Have they been right in their approach? 
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World Feed Panorama 2018: Volumes up despite challenges

Global compound feed production increased nearly 2 percent in 2017, overcoming disease outbreaks in the poultry and pig sectors.
In its 27th year, the World Feed Panorama survey tracks 2017 global compound feed production and compares these volumes against historical data to highlight industry trends.
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West Africa training programs build regional poultry capacity

Improvements could include imports of feed grains and co-products from sources like the US
To capture the long-term feed demand from the West Africa’s expanding poultry industry, the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) is helping regional producers learn how to improve their businesses, which could include imports of feed grains and co-products from sources like the United States.
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The upside to vegetarian-fed broilers

An opportunity exists in using high-quality rendered products when political restraints do not apply
With an increasing amount of broiler producers committing to an all-vegetable dietary regimen for their birds, one has to consider, what are we going to do with all the non-vegetable ingredients?
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Blanch is new Hamlet Protein global poultry segment manager

He had earlier worked for Chr. Hansen and DSM
In the continued effort to increase Hamlet Protein’s commercial and technical knowledge and to further support its poultry business, the company has appointed Alfred Blanch to the position of global poultry segment manager.
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