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Poultry Nutrition

Preventing phytase matrix problems in poultry nutrition

Phytase matrices are derived through the amalgamation of bone ash, growth and balance/digestibility studies using methods that can result in inappropriate safety margins that expose the user to potential risks in the field.
Phytases entered commercial use in the early 1990s and are now widely included in monogastric diets. However, phosphorus (P) replacement values determined by controlled trials are not always replicated in the field, and feed manufacturers have become wary of recommendations, often reducing the P matrix value applied to the phytase.
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Tesco’s UK chicken feed policy reversal

On April 11, supermarket chain Tesco issued an “Update on poultry feed,” revealing that it had removed its genetically modified-free guarantee for poultry and eggs. "We are not the first UK supermarket to reach the conclusion that a non-genetically modified policy on poultry feed is unsustainable, and we won’t be the last," the update said.
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Novus to discuss food safety, poultry nutrition

Company takes part in Global Feed & Food Congress
Novus International will participate in the fourth Global Feed & Food Congress, taking place April 10–12 in Sun City, South Africa. The meeting was organized by the International Feed Industry Federation, with support by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
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Sunflower products in poultry, pig feeds

Sunflower by-products are a viable alternative to soybean meal, especially in countries with a colder climate.
Poultry and pigs will readily consume diets based on sunflower meal, assuming upper crude fiber limits are not exceeded. The appetizing effect of sunflower meal is due to a small concentration of sugars, which give a slightly sweet taste to feed.
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VIV Asia: Alltech joins International Poultry Council

Global challenges can be better faced by working together
Alltech has become the newest member of the International Poultry Council, IPC, the company announced during VIV Asia 2013, being held in Bangkok, Thailand. The global organization brings together poultry industry leaders from around the world to discuss and address issues of trade and science, and improve relations among nations.
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Fieldale Farms overcomes cost barriers with 100 percent antibiotic-free operations

Company went from 100,000-150,000 antibiotic-free broilers weekly to beyond 2.8 million
After easing its way into antibiotic-free production, Fieldale Farms made the move in 2011 to raising 100 percent of its broilers antibiotic-free. Doing so has presented a few challenges, including increased costs of production and greater risk for certain avian health problems, but the company has met those challenges head-on.
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Poultry nutrition

New poultry nutrition insights offered at the International Poultry Scientific Forum

In a time of record costs, research and technology are continuing to help move poultry’s feed industry forward.
In a time of record costs, research and technology are continuing to help move poultry’s feed industry forward. The 2013 International Poultry Scientific Forum in Atlanta provided a wealth of new information on several important poultry nutrition topics, including: value of low oil DDGS in poultry diets; use of high levels of DDGS in layer, broiler and turkey feeds; survey of mycotoxins in poultry ingredients and feeds; enzyme additions; and use of probiotics in poultry diets.
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