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When new feed technology is both awe-inspiring and overwhelming

These technologies are quite exciting, allowing for faster processing, higher levels of efficiency and extraordinary capacity for data collection. The ability to do anything more quickly and efficiently is something to be celebrated, and that should be our approach to new feed technologies - even if it does cause a temporary sense of information overload.
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EU wheat futures hit seven-month high on weather concerns

Cold weather, deep frost hits Russia, Ukraine, western Europe
European benchmark milling wheat futures have reached a seven-month high on concerns that recent bitterly cold weather in Russia, Ukraine and western European grain producers including France, Germany and Poland may damage harvests, according to reports. Europe's benchmark wheat, Paris' March contract, reached 221.50 Euros per metric ton in February 1 morning trade, a price last seen in June 2011. 
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World Feed Panorama

World Feed Panorama: Once again, industry increases its volume

Asia-Pacific countries hold the largest regional share of feed production.
Our latest World Feed Panorama survey points to a 1.3 percent annual growth in the production of compound feeds by commercial mills worldwide in 2011. Nonetheless, it suggests a remarkably consistent rate of expansion for the feed industry in recent times, following reported increases of about 1 percent in 2009 and almost 1.5 percent in 2010.
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South Africa corn stocks fall 45 percent December 2011

Wheat stocks rise 35 percent compared to 2010 numbers
South Africa's corn stockpiles fell 45 percent, to 3.33 million metric tons, in December 2011, according to the South African Grain Information Service. The country had 2.24 million metric tons of white corn and 1.09 million metric tons of yellow corn in stock, according to the agency. 
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Industry experts offer tips for surviving high feed prices

Tools to maximize feed efficiency, quality keys to success
The poultry industry may not see the dire predictions of $10-per-bushel corn come true, but the days of $3 corn are also in the past and adjustments will have to be made, according to Gerald Weigel, a nutrition and feel ingredient consultant who spoke at Industry Outlook 2012 at the International Poultry Expo and International Feed Expo on January 23. During the presentation and panel discussion, sponsored by Kemin, Weigel said that 2012 will see corn prices averaging in the $6-per-bushel range. 
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Japfa Comfeed to expand feed factories in 2012

Company to revamp facilities, expand production capacity
Animal feed producer Japfa Comfeed Indonesia has set aside Rp 900 billion (US$99 million) to boost its production in 2012, including revamping factories in Sumatra and Java, according to company executives. The company will use 90% of the money to expand production capacity at chicken feed mills in Sumatra, and will also use funds to convert a fish feed factory to one producing chicken feed in East Java. 
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Increasing feed mill profitability

Reducing processing input costs can be tempting. However, attention to small things can make a difference as well.
Feed mill profitability cannot be simply defined as reducing processing input costs. If feed mill production rate and/or feed quality are sacrificed in order to save money, the virtual savings will not translate into increased profits.
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Is feed weighing technology right for you?

Advances are being made in feed weighing technology with the goal of decreasing production costs. But is the industry ready to embrace this new technology?
Advances are being made in feed weighing technology with the goal of decreasing production costs. But is the industry ready to embrace this new technology?
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Feature Story

Hueber Feed proves that thinking outside the box leads to profits

One family-owned feed mill in Illinois has seen three decades of growth because of its willingness to adapt to the demands of a constantly changing market.
Brothers Jon and Jan Hueber, together with their father, started Hueber Feed LLC with the purchase of a feed mill in Creston, Illinois, in 1982. They purchased another mill in Shabbona in 1985, and one in Holcomb in 1988. The Creston and Shabbona mills primarily manufactured swine feed, and the Holcomb mill manufactured feed for beef cattle and equine.
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New York animal feed processor fined in worker death

Harbor Point Mineral Products receives 21 citations for violations of workplace safety
The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fined New York animal feed processor Harbor Point Mineral Products $155,200 and cited the company for 21 violations of workplace safety standards following the May 11 death of employee Craig D. Bernier, who was fatally engulfed by cotton seed stored in a silo. Four of the violations were cited as willful — an intentional disregard for the requirements of the law or plan indifference to employee safety and health. 
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