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Feed Mill Management

New York animal feed processor fined in worker death

Harbor Point Mineral Products receives 21 citations for violations of workplace safety
The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fined New York animal feed processor Harbor Point Mineral Products $155,200 and cited the company for 21 violations of workplace safety standards following the May 11 death of employee Craig D. Bernier, who was fatally engulfed by cotton seed stored in a silo. Four of the violations were cited as willful — an intentional disregard for the requirements of the law or plan indifference to employee safety and health. 
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World feed grain use increases

Competitive pricing boosting feed use in China, EU, US
World utilization of grains for animal feeds is forecast to resume a trend of annual growth in 2011-2012 after two seasons of stagnation, according to the latest Food Outlook global market analysis from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Strong demand from the livestock sectors in the leading emerging economies is seen as the main driver for a projected 1.7% increase in feed grain use to 780 million metric tons.
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Brazilian feed industry grows 4% during first half 2011

Poultry feed is driving force despite increased cost of corn
The production of the animal feed industry in Brazil registered an increase of 4.1% over the first half of 2010 and produced 31.4 million metric tons from January to June 2011, according to Sindirações. “The driving force once again was the industrial poultry sector which required nearly half of all production of the semester, despite the fact that principal raw material used in animal feed, corn, has appreciated 60 % since June of last year,” said Dr. Ariovaldo Zani, CEO of the Brazilian Feed Industry Association. 
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1201FItecaliman1.jpg Fabrice-Putier
Feed Technology

Tecaliman: working to stop cross-contamination in animal feed

The French feed research center proposes a way for feed producers to measure carryover. However, its work isn’t ending there.
Assessing the level of carryover in a feed production line has been an ongoing challenge for the feed industry, as feed producers have needed a reliable and reproducible method for measuring carryover. Recently, the French feed research center Tecaliman developed such a method, which has been recognized as efficient and has been adopted by European official agencies.  
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Distillers' grains substituting for more corn, soybeans in feed

USDA report finds that DDGS is number two feedstuff fed
On average, between crop years 2006/2007 and 2010/2011, 1 metric ton of distillers' grains (DDGS) produced for animal feed by U.S. ethanol plants substituted for about 1.22 metric tons of corn and soybean meal combined, according to a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These findings may result in a net increase in DDGS in animal feed, as over time the amount in beef cattle feed declines but the share in dairy cattle, swine and poultry feed increases, according to the report. 
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Illinois soy, corn yields better than expected

Harvests across Midwest varying due to unpredictable season weather
Soybean harvests for some farmers in Illinois are averaging about 10 bushels per acre above 2010 numbers, in spite of an unpredictable season that included heavy spring rains and average July temperatures that broke record highs. Some corn harvests are also reaching averages slightly above 2010 in spite of dealing with the same conditions.
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What Ag Partners LLC can teach the feed industry

Ag Partners LLC shows that during uncertain times it's best to listen, use common sense, cooperate and have faith.
Ag Partners LLC is a success story. More than that, I believe it can teach us something. Perhaps during uncertain times the best thing to do is listen, use common sense, cooperate and have faith in ourselves.
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Ag Partners LLC: the result of a winning partnership with Cargill

When a small progressive Iowa co-op entered into a joint venture with a division of the global powerhouse Cargill, few thought it would last. It has since proven that balancing private business and a cooperative spirit can really pay off.
In 1997, Alceco, a small animal feed cooperative based in Albert City, Iowa, and U.S. Ag Horizons, a division of the global agriculture company Cargill, created a joint venture. Together, the two formed Ag Partners LLC to offer local producers the best mix of resources from both companies. As part of the deal, each company kept its facilities in exchange for annual lease payments from the LLC. Both parent companies invested capital in the new company.
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UK animal feed manufacturer acquires blended feeds business

HJ Lea Oakes expands with purchase of A&F Williamson
UK animal feed manufacturer HJ Lea Oakes has purchased Staffordshire-based A&F Williamson, using the acquisition to expand its blended feeds business. Production will continue at A&F's Endon site before being transferred to a new purpose-built factory at Prees Heath in Shropshire, according to HJ Lea Oakes.  
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