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Feed Mill Management

Energy savings not a dream

French feed manufacturers cut energy costs 20% over the past two decades with opportunities to gain more.
French feed manufacturers cut energy costs 20% over the past two decades with opportunities to gain more.
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Volatility in feed markets likely to continue

The effect of unusual weather patterns in 2010 certainly had an impact on grain and feed production, and until stocks are replenished weather-sensitivity is likely to remain.
As I write, much of the UK is blanketed in unseasonal snow. While the view from my window may be appealing, the change in the seasons is not without its difficulties.
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World Feed Panorama: Expensive grain slows industry expansion

Estimates put the value of world feed industry output at some US$240 billion annually. Our exclusive survey reveals a mixture of returning optimism and fears over grain prices

Shared Growth Beyond Crisis was a slogan adopted for the G20 Summit of world government leaders held in South Korea in November 2010, but it would serve equally well to describe the trend in global feed production over most of the past 12 months. Where 2009 had undoubtedly been difficult for feed manufacturers in many countries, there was a recovery of volumes and of optimism in 2010 - until fears resurfaced in the later part of the year about the price of grain.

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New directions for near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy in the feed industry

As it moves into the feed mill as an online process, the role of NIR reflectance spectroscopy offers ever-more possibilities.
Five decades have passed since the earliest attempts to assess cereals by spectral analysis and the first predictive equations were derived from reflectance spectra. It is already more than 40 years ago that research showed how to employ spectroscopy in estimating the quality and digestibility of forages for feeding to ruminants.
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AgMark expedites operations at grain terminal

Kasa Industrial aids AgMark with customized control system
Formed by four cooperatives in 1999, AgMark LLC provides warehousing and marketing services for North Central Kansas grain producers. AgMark receives crops from nearly 30 elevators throughout the region at its grain terminal in Concordia, Kan.
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Further contraction forecast for European compound feed production

While remaining weak, this year could still see an improvement on 2009.
European compound feed production could further contract by 1% this year, warns the European Feed Manufacturers Federation (FEFAC). The less than positive prediction is, nevertheless, be improvement on the contraction that took place last year, when output contracted by 3.8% to 147.6 million tons. 
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