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Turkey Production

Kraft Heinz completes internal investigation

Company says it is taking actions to improve internal policies and procedures
Kraft Heinz says it has completed its internal investigation into its procurement area and assessment of internal controls, and the company continues to cooperate with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in its investigation.
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Hormel Foods: Plant protein ‘certainly on our minds’

Company has developed products that blend meat and plant protein, and more alternative protein products can be expected
The public has not heard much to date about the development of new alternative protein products from Hormel Foods, but CEO Jim Snee says plant-based protein is “certainly on our minds.”
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Cherkizovo hopes to expand Tambov Turkey

Russian company’s CEO discusses possible support for expansion with Tambov Region Administration
Cherkizovo Group is considering expanding its Tambov Turkey operations, which would increase turkey capacity by 50 percent.
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Aviagen unveils new turkey pedigree farm in West Virginia

Executives from Aviagen joined state and local officials to see Aviagen Turkeys’ new pedigree farm in West Virginia. This $3.5 million facility includes many health and welfare features and will house pedigree turkey poults starting in mid-June.
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