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Hubbard JA257 accredited by Better Life scheme in the Netherlands

Hubbard is delighted to announce that the ‘Hubbard JA257’, a new Hubbard Premium breed made up of the recently introduced Hubbard M22 male mated with the well-known Hubbard JA57 female, has been accredited by the Dutch Animal Welfare Association (‘Dierenbescherming’) for use in their Better Life (‘Beter Leven’) certification scheme.
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Effective ventilation key to Cobb500 development

Effective ventilation plays a key role in the health and performance of broiler flocks. Nigel Strain, Cobb senior regional technical manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), recently demonstrated proper ventilation techniques to Lezita, one of the leading poultry integrators in Turkey.
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Online grading tools available on

Aviagen's Global Technical Transfer Team publishes latest tools of the trade to offer practical management support
Aviagen's Global Technical Transfer Team (GTTT) recently released two online tools to help producers of parent stock (PS) through every step of the grading process: A spreadsheet entitled "Grading Tool" and a "Grading to Manage Uniformity" interactive PDF.
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China imposes anti-dumping duty on Brazilian chicken

Importers must pay Chinese customs deposits of up to 38.4 percent for the alleged dumping; however, the ABPA protested the determination.
However, the ABPA protested the decision and will seek to reverse it because the organization believes there is no causal link between Brazilian chicken exports and possible situations in the Chinese market.
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Ross 400 Clubs see growth, success in Balkan region

Rise in membership, performance in Slovenia, Serbia stems from commendable stockmanship and hard work
Aviagen Kft is very pleased with customers in Serbia and Slovenia, and for good reason. Due to their expert and diligent flock management, they are maximizing the genetic potential of Ross broilers, and as a result, membership in the Ross 400 club is rising. 
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Playing in the top league with the Cobb500

Markus Rohlmann earns recognition from Cobb Germany
A new award has been introduced by Cobb Germany for the best broiler performance by a Cobb500 flock and has been won by Markus Rohlmann of Hoerstel, near Osnabruck.
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