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Archaeology shines light on the modern broiler

The oft-cited connection between urbanization and demand for chicken would appear to be nothing new while a medieval chicken may have been unrecognizable to an ancient Roman.

Examining  excavated chicken bones in Europe suggests that the chickens that were larger, less aggressive and able to live in smaller spaces are not completely the result of modern breeding practices, religion may even have contributed to their development.

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How to promote poultry breeding careers to Gen Z

The poultry breeding sector needs to attract new talent, and must highlight just how innovative and technology-driven it is to achieve this.
Highlighting just how technology-driven modern poultry breeding companies are may be a way of attracting new talent to the broiler and layer genetics sectors.
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Cobb investing in grandparent production in Turkey

The investment reflects the steadily increasing growth of the Cobb500 broiler breeder market in Turkey
Five years after its first chicks hatched, Cobb Turkey has announced plans to invest more than €2 million ($2.353 million) to create a grandparent stock operation in the country.
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Ross 308 AP takes off in US market

With balanced performance traits for both breeders and broilers, bird represents "The Complete Package."
Enjoying large-scale popularity throughout Latin America, the Ross 308 AP is now quickly gaining momentum in US markets. 
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2017 Flock Award winners show excellence in husbandry

Aviagen commends winners' performance and success with Ross broiler breeding stock.
Aviagen has presented its annual 2017 Flock Award winners, recognizing North American customers who, through best practices in flock  management, have achieved top performance with Ross 708 and Ross 308 poultry breeding stock.
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