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Troubleshooting fertility problems in turkeys

If fertility is low, artificial insemination procedures need to be closely monitored to determine the cause.
When low fertility is found in turkey operations, it is important to troubleshoot the artificial insemination procedures to determine the cause or causes of the problem.
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Aviagen Anadolu's production school highlights importance of ventilation

Ventilation is a hot topic in the Production Management School portfolio.
Aviagen Anadolu held its second Ventilation School, July 4-6, in Ankara, Turkey. Welcoming 11 poultry broiler and breeder farm managers representing 9 customers, the school offered a good balance of classroom theory and on-the-farm training.
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Optibrut opts for two HatchCare Chick Storage Rooms

HatchTech is pleased to announce a new agreement with its Germany-based customer, Optibrut GmbH, to install two HatchCare Chick Storage Rooms at the company’s hatchery in Nordhorn, Lower Saxony. The installation will allow Optibrut to store 276,000 newly-hatched chicks in excellent conditions, providing them with feed, water, light and fresh air.
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First HatchCare chicks hatched in the United Kingdom

Chicks hatched at Annyalla Chicks facility in Boston, Lincolnshire
For the first time, HatchCare chicks have been born in the United Kingdom. Specifically, these first chicks were hatched on July 16 in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK, and were directly provided with feed, water and light post-hatch.
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