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Tours ease apprehension about cage-produced eggs

Through visits to egg production facilities, bloggers learn more about the process
A pair of tours of Ohio egg production facilities proved to be successful in answering questions and easing the minds of the visitors who didn’t have a firm understanding of how their eggs are produced.
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Have you ever eaten a ‘dinner egg?’

New campaign from American Egg Board takes a humorous approach to get people to think about eating eggs outside of breakfast
For far too long, eggs have had a reputation as a breakfast food. Sure, people will on occasion have eggs as part of a main course for another meal, but those in the egg industry would like to see more of that.
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Chickens lost in Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch fire

Fire in Ionia County, Michigan, is under investigation; number of birds killed in blaze uncertain
A Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch barn in Ionia County, Michigan, was badly damaged in a fire on April 30, killing an undisclosed amount of chickens.
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New Daybreak Foods egg plant to be operational in July

New pullet houses and one layer house in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, have already been populated
Daybreak Foods’ construction of a new egg production complex in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, is progressing nicely, with three new pullet buildings populated and processing equipment starting to arrive at the new plant, which has been erected.
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Cal-Maine invests to meet Proposition 12 egg demand

Egg company expanding cage-free capacity at facilities in Utah, Texas and Florida
Cal-Maine Foods is expanding its cage-free egg capacity to help meet the approaching demand for cage-free eggs brought on by the November passage of Proposition 12 in California, which mandates that all eggs and egg products raised and sold in California come from cage-free operations.
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