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Will the US benefit from ASF in China?

With ASF dramatically wiping out China’s pork supply, producers around the world are questioning what country will be the front-runner in exporting pork to China to keep up with demand
Pork producers around the world are wondering who China will turn to for supply and how politics will continue to play a role.
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Rabobank: China poultry industry to grow due to ASF

Efforts to expand China’s poultry sector are expected to drive 10 percent growth in poultry supplies for 2019
With China’s pork supply greatly reduced as a result of the African swine fever (ASF) outbreak, the Asian country’s poultry industry is expected to expand, according to the latest Rabobank Pork Quarterly report.
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Tyson: Prices to jump as China cold storage supply depletes

Meat and poultry prices are already changing, but the biggest changes are yet to come, Noel White says
Meat and poultry prices are already starting to move as a result of the African swine fever (ASF) outbreak in China, but once the country’s inventories in cold storage are depleted, prices should rise significantly, Tyson Foods CEO Noel White said.
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Trade war, ASF disrupting US soybean, pork producers

Disease, weather, trade all huge obstacles for US industries
The ongoing trade war between China and the U.S., along with the outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) in China, has huge potential to affect American soybean and pork producers, according to two economists.
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Sanderson: End to trade war would mean big opportunities

U.S. pork and poultry now have barriers in China, but that could change in the midst of African swine fever outbreak
While trade barriers exist that are keeping U.S. pork and poultry out of China, Sanderson Farms CEO Joe F. Sanderson Jr. said if the trade war between the two countries were to end, it could create some great opportunities.
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Report: ASF already causing drop in animal feed demand

Prices for milk permeate and dry whey have dropped 20-50 percent since February, analysts say
Pig losses in China have caused demand for dairy-derived animal feed ingredients to plummet in recent months, according to a May report. Thanks to the ongoing trade war, imports from the U.S. have been hit particularly hard.
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