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Avian flu alert raised in South Korea

Authorities are warning farmers to be alert for signs of disease after five outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) at South Korean poultry farms within a few days. Further outbreaks are also reported on farms in Japan, while wild birds have tested positive for the virus in Hong Kong and Israel. In China, a spike in human infections linked to contact with poultry continues.

Confirmation of new HPAI cases has pushed South Korea’s total outbreaks in poultry to 26 so far this winter.

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ADM forms joint venture for microbial-based proteins

Microbial-based proteins are derived from the dried cells of yeasts, microalgae and fungi that are grown in a large-scale culture system.

ADM signed an agreement with Asia Sustainable Foods Platform to partner on the technology development and precision fermentation of microbial-based alternative proteins in Singapore and the wider Asia-Pacific region.

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