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Feed prices challenge Nigeria’s struggling poultry industry

But in one bright spot, Nigeria’s largest egg company has been selected as the site of a new clean energy project.
Shortages of raw materials and consequent hikes in the price of feeds in Nigeria are ruining the prospects for poultry industry. In contrast to this gloomy prospect, Nigeria’s largest egg producer has been selected as the site of the sector’s largest clean energy project.
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Old US caged laying systems may find new home in Rwanda

Cage egg production systems on their way out in U.S., but still could help give Rwanda a more dependable supply of eggs, former Tyson CEO Donnie Smith says
Donnie Smith, former CEO of Tyson Foods and founder of the African Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP), would love to see Rwandan agriculture become more self-sufficient and the country to be more food secure.
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South African company wants to expand meat’s definition

Mzansi Meat co-founder talks about the emergence of a cell-cultured food company in South Africa
The co-founder of a new cell-cultured food company in South Africa knows that meat is central to the country’s culture, but he feels confident that cell-based products under development by the company will gain widespread acceptance.
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