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Latin America


GM corn ban in Mexico destined to be a disaster

Feed manufacturers fear the worst if GM yellow corn imports are banned, because there are no alternatives

In about 15 months, genetically modified (GM) corn use in Mexico will be banned, as per a presidential decree. This measure, quite unpopular within the industry – mainly feed manufacturing and starch – is full of misinformation and unscientifically proven facts and is paired with uncertainties on how this will be applied.

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World Egg Day: Will the egg industry survive in 30 years?

More educational efforts need to be done and more participation of all stakeholders in the industry is also needed

This Friday October 14 is World Egg Day, so I had a conversation with Dr. Javier Prida, Coordinator of the Latin American Egg Institute (ILH) to see what their plans are. The ILH will have a webinar with the participation of the 20 Latin American poultry associations through platforms and social networks.

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Colombia to recover Newcastle-disease-free status

The Colombian poultry industry and authorities have been working for decades on this animal health issue to enable exports, but it has not been an easy road

Colombia has been working for a long time to eradicate Newcastle disease. In 2021, the country declared itself Newcastle-disease-free, later recognized by the World Organization of Animal Health (WOAH). The Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) and the Colombian Federation of Poultry Producers (Fenavi) made enormous efforts to achieve this. They longed for this because they have the dream of being able to export chicken. 

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Members of Bachoco board say buyout offer is fair

Board members who intend to buy out remaining shares of company abstain from vote

An offer from surviving family members of Industrias Bachoco founder Robinson Bours to buy out the remaining shares of the publicly held company remains stalled, but a recent vote by certain members of the company’s board of directors revealed that those members think the offer is fair.

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Mexico’s poultry sector urges to redefine AI regulations

With 25-year-old regulations, it is time to change them and decide whether to live with avian flu (AI) or eradicate it

Last week the National Feed Manufacturing Congress took place in Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico. This wonderful event held a panel of the “big cheeses” of the animal protein sector in Mexico: poultry, pork, beef and milk. An interesting group united by a common goal – producing animal protein.

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