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Stopping piglet castration, for good

Ending castration is a responsibility shared by all members of the pork chain -- for the good of pigs, for the good of consumers and for the good of the pork industry.
Ending castration is a responsibility shared by all members of the pork chain -- for the good of pigs, consumers and the pork industry.
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DSM sales up 12 percent in second quarter

Nutrition segment negatively affected by lower vitamin E prices
Royal DSM’s sales for the second quarter of 2015 were EUR1,965 million (US$2,143 million), a 12 percent increase compared with the same quarter last year.
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Rusagro, Cherkizovo increase pig meat capacity in Russia

Two of Russia’s leading meat companies have announced plans for further expansion in the pork sector
Russian pork companiesare taking advantage of the market conditions resulting from the country’s banon imports from many of its previous sources to make significant investments intheir pig meat production and processing capacity.
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Eurodon opens Europe’s biggest turkey poult hatchery

Eurodon opens Europe’s biggest turkey poultry hatchery
The largest turkey poult hatchery not only in Russia but in Europe as a whole is now in operation. Owned by Eurodon, Russia’s biggest turkey meat producer, the first batch to be incubated comprised 64,000 eggs.
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Pig meat supply situation causes upsets in Europe

Russia’s ban on imports of pork from selected countries is leading to challenging conditions in the European Union.
Spanishpig farmers are calling for an investigation into German pork prices, which,they say, are below the cost of production. French pig farmers are protestingin their usual way by attacking foreign trucks. 
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Double-digit sales growth for Ceva in 2015 first half

Sales grow in all geographic regions except Europe, which has steady sales
Consolidated sales of the Ceva Group reached EUR424 million(US$462 million) at the end of June 2015, representing growth of 16 percent anda 12 percent increase at constant perimeter and exchange rates. 
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