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MHP cuts poultry production capacity

A range of challenges arising from the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February have forced agri-food group MHP to cut poultry capacity by 10-15%.

Representing an 11% year-on-year reduction, the company attributes the cuts to the reduced population remaining in the country, and to their economic difficulties, as well as many logistical challenges.

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AI-Northern Ireland

Top world broiler and egg rankings for 2021

More detail added, and greater collaboration makes this year’s rankings better than ever.

The latest edition of Poultry International’s World’s Top Poultry Companies shows reveals some significant changes in the global rankings, and increasing dominance of a handful of companies.

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HKScan Group struggles with rising costs

Despite a significant increase in sales, Finland-based meat company HKScan reports its profitability continues to suffer as a result of cost inflation.

Despite increased sales, HKScan reports that its profitability continues to suffer as a result of inflation.

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Moy Park puts poultry farms on the market

In Northern Ireland, the leading poultry producer has set out to sell three of its farms with the view to leasing them back for chicken production.

Three Moy Park poultry farms in Northern Ireland are up for sale and leaseback for around GBP2 million (US$2.4 million).

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Broiler welfare compared under different production systems

Welfare of chickens can be affected more by individual farm management factors than by the perceived animal welfare credentials of the production system, researchers in the Netherlands have found.

A Wageningen University study revealed that health and well-being scores were on average slightly improved for broilers kept in higher welfare production systems, although other factors had a bigger impact than the system.

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Pope urges inclusion, but headlines say eat less meat

Pope Francis addressed the European youth in Prague with a message of having a humble life, but reduced meat consumption was the only part that made headlines

The European Union Youth Conference took place a few days ago in Prague, Czech Republic. Pope Francis made a speech to youngsters attending the event, and I knew about it because many headlines were about the Pope urging to eat less meat to save the planet. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Avian flu risk continues for European poultry flocks

While orders to keep poultry under cover are lifted in some countries, new case appears in Germany

Orders to keep poultry indoors in some European nations have been lifted, but the return of the highly pathogenic avian influenza in Germany in recent days should serve as a reminder to all European poultry owners that this virus remains a risk.

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