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Middle East

Broiler study: Salmonella prevalent in Egyptian flocks

A study conducted to check the present status of Salmonella infection in Egypt found a prevalence of Salmonella species in broiler flocks
In poultry, an important source of protein throughout the world, Salmonellosis continues to cause economic losses, particularly in those parts of the world where poultry industries are continuing to intensify and where open-sided housing is common.
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Cherkizovo launches halal export brand of chicken

Halal product developed by Russian company will mainly be exported outside of the the Commonwealth of Independent States
Cherkizovo has launched a new halal export brand, Dajajti, after it received licenses to export poultry products to the Middle East.
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Cherkizovo starts exporting poultry meat to Egypt

Russian company expects to ship 10,000 tons of poultry to Egypt before the end of 2016
Cherkizovo Group, the largest vertically integrated meat and feed producer in Russia, has dispatched its first shipment of poultry meat to Egypt.
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Iranian feed industry struggles with grain imports

Sanctions, lack of GM grains hinder growth of the country’s animal feed production, export potential
Raw material shortages, trade sanctions, the ban on GM grains, and mycotoxin contamination present hurdles for the Iranian feed industry, but insiders are increasingly optimistic that production and feed exports could be on the rise.
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Wingstop to open 100 restaurants in Saudi Arabia

Texas-based chicken wing restaurant chain will continue to pursue other markets across the globe
Chicken wing restaurant chain Wingstop plans to expand its presence in the Middle East, having recently reached a franchise agreement to add 100 restaurants in Saudi Arabia.
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Avian influenza affects 2.8 million birds in Iraq

Denmark has first avian flu case in 3 years, while France and Taiwan report new avian flu cases
Within the last few days, reports have been received by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) of outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in Iraq, France and Taiwan, and the low-pathogenic form of the disease in Denmark. Officials are warning of further outbreaks in Ghana.
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Chicken producer Al Watania trains Saudi Arabia poultry producers

Al Watania's Institute of Technology (WIT) was granted an investment to train the country’s nationals in poultry production.
Poultry producer Al Watania's Institute of Technology (WIT) was granted an investment of more than 50 million Saudi Arabian riyal (US$13 million) to train the country’s nationals in poultry production, with plans to extend this opportunity to other interested students.
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