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3 alternative feed ingredients boosting prospects in Ghana

The role of an effective feed supply is a glaring issue in Ghana, where government efforts are now being made to produce commercial animal feed from alternative sources.
The role of an effectivefeed supply is a glaring issue in Ghana, where government efforts are now being made toproduce commercial animal feed from alternative sources.
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Global market review: World pork output continues upward trend

Although the total amount of pork produced globally has risen again to set a new record, the immediate outlook for further expansion is clouded as the biggest player in the world pig sector cuts back on animal inventories and output in the face of...
The general upward trend in world pork output is confirmed by the latest global market review compiled exclusively for Pig International.
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Avian flu questions and answers from Twitter chat

First session of WATT Global Media Animal Agriculture Twitter Chat Series addresses US avian influenza crisis
Questions concerning the spreadof avian influenza, the potential for a vaccine’s approval in the United Statesand the impact the virus has had on the current turkey supply were addressedduring WATTAgNet’s avian influenza Twitter chat, held on July 1.
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West African agriculture has growth opportunities

Report highlights potential for agriculture in West Africa
Thereare unprecedented opportunities for agricultural growth in West Africa,according to a major new report, which highlights some of the challenges aheadto make the most of the growing demand for animal protein foods such as poultryand red meat.
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Turkish poultry industry forecasts continued growth

Turkey’s poultry production has grown strongly over recent years, and the country’s producers have their sights set on further expansion.
Turkey is the 10th largest producer of poultry meat in the world. Earlier this year, Mark Clements spoke to Dr. Sait Koca, president of Turkey’s Poultry Meat Producers and Breeders Association (BESD-BIR), to find out what’s happening in the Turkish poultry meat industry. 
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Analysis: Time to rethink avian flu control strategy

Researcher asks gathering of poultry health professionals from around the world if they think what is collectively being done to control avian influenza is working?
Researcher says that avian flu eradication strategies need to take advantage of new recombinant vaccines and not rely solely on killing.
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Analysis: Global avian flu outbreaks, vaccine challenges

As the U.S. poultry industry fights outbreaks of the H5N2 strain of highly pathogenic avian influenza, it needs to keep track of the global threats.
As the U.S. poultry industry fights outbreaks of the H5N2strain of bird flu with no approved vaccine, it also needs to keep track of globaloutbreaks.  
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Global poultry trade to remain under pressure to year end

Countries with balanced markets will perform best
Global poultry trade and poultry prices are expected to remain under pressure for the remainder of this year due to the challenges posed by avian influenza. The long-term impact may be significant due to several trade bans on breeding stock in importing countries.
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