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Analysis: Time to rethink avian flu control strategy

Researcher asks gathering of poultry health professionals from around the world if they think what is collectively being done to control avian influenza is working?
Researcher says that avian flu eradication strategies need to take advantage of new recombinant vaccines and not rely solely on killing.
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Analysis: Global avian flu outbreaks, vaccine challenges

As the U.S. poultry industry fights outbreaks of the H5N2 strain of highly pathogenic avian influenza, it needs to keep track of the global threats.
As the U.S. poultry industry fights outbreaks of the H5N2strain of bird flu with no approved vaccine, it also needs to keep track of globaloutbreaks.  
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Global poultry trade to remain under pressure to year end

Countries with balanced markets will perform best
Global poultry trade and poultry prices are expected to remain under pressure for the remainder of this year due to the challenges posed by avian influenza. The long-term impact may be significant due to several trade bans on breeding stock in importing countries.
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Cargill completes Zamanita acquisition

Soybean crushing, oil refining subsidiary of Zambeef becomes integral part of Cargill’s Zambia business
Cargill has completed the acquisition of Zamanita Ltd., the soybean crushing and oil refining subsidiary of Zambeef. Zamanita now becomes an integral part of Cargill’s business in Zambia.
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World egg production data reveals market shifts

Layer producer H&N International shared market insight and gave its views on egg market developments around the world at its 70th anniversary celebration in Bangkok this year.
Future directions in the global egg market came under the spotlight at the recent 70th anniversary celebrations of layer breeder and distributor H&N, held in Bangkok in March. 
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FAO global poultry forecast: Modest growth in 2015

Importing countries to produce more, trade diversions expected due to highly pathogenic avian influenza
Growth in global poultry production is forecast to be “limited” this year, reports the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Food Outlook published this month, with output rising by only 1.4 percent to 111.8 million tones, half the 3 percent trend observed over the last decade.
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Learn more about highly pathogenic avian influenza

Webinar will dig deeper into some of the issues surrounding H5N8 and H5N2 viruses
Register at to attend “Avian influenza: Control efforts and trade impacts,” a webinar sponsored by Zoetis and presented by WATT Global Media. The webinar will be held Wednesday, June 10, 2015, at 9 a.m. Central.
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Analysis: Avian influenza and the role of the OIE

The World Organisation for Animal Health offers rules to ensure that trade does not spread animal diseases and that trade continues where a disease poses no threat. Avian influenza is included in those rules.
The spread of avian influenza in the US and its global tradeimplications has spotlighted trade rules designed to protect poultry importersand exporters.
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