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Middle East


Turkey is a bird; Türkiye is a country

United Nations approves changing of the country’s name as its government hopes to improve its image and eliminate confusion

Türkiye has replaced Turkey as the name of the Middle Eastern country, but will that eliminate confusion between the nation and the bird?

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BRF enters joint venture in Saudi Arabia

Brazil-based company enters poultry partnership with sovereign fund of Saudi Arabia

BRF has executed a memorandum of understanding Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, to form a joint venture for chicken production in Saudi Arabia.

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Partners negotiate future ownership of Banvit

TBQ Foods could sell its stake in Turkish company to BRF

Negotiations are ongoing between the two current owners of Turkish poultry company, Banvit, on its future. A Middle Eastern sovereign fund may opt to continue its 40% share, or this may be purchased by the majority owner, BRF.

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