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Tyson testing northwest Arkansas workers for COVID-19

Company says precautionary measure will help affected communities prevent spread
Tyson Foods will conduct facility-wide testing for COVID-19 at its processing facilities and other operations in Arkansas’ Benton and Washington counties, where positive cases of the coronavirus have risen.
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COVID-19 exposes shortage of US beef processing capacity

Even before the pandemic started to impact operations, the beef industry was ‘on the bubble’ about the need to add capacity
When a number beef processing plants temporarily went offline or reduced production due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it brought to light the need to add more beef processing capacity in the United States, Don Close, animal protein analyst, Rabo AgriFinance, said.
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Sanderson considers plant repurposing as demands change

CEO says repurposing a poultry plant is challenging, though, because plants are located for the market they were built to serve
Sanderson Farms CEO Joe F. Sanderson Jr. acknowledged that the company was considering repurposing one of its poultry plants to meet consumer demand shift away from the foodservice sector to the retail sector.
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Top 10 turkey companies in the United States

Ten largest turkey producers produced almost 5.9 billion pounds in 2019
The ten largest turkey producers in the United States collectively slaughtered nearly 5.9 billion pounds of live turkeys in the United States in 2019, according to information gathered for the WATTAgNet Top Companies Database.
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1.5 million North Carolina chickens depopulated

North Carolina’s assistant agriculture commissioner says the move is being made because of a current lack of processing capacity
About 1.5 million chickens in North Carolina are being depopulated in North Carolina due to a lack of available processing capacity as poultry plants deal with outbreaks of COVID-19 among workers.
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Ross Milne

VIDEO: COVID-19 impacting poultry producers' insurance policies

Understanding business interruption insurance, financial loss, changes to worker compensation policies and other risk management topics relating to insurance is critical as the industry works through COVID-19
Business interruption insurance, financial loss, changes to worker compensation policies and other risk management topics relating to poultry producer insurance are all among the important points poultry producers need to consider as the pandemic continues to disrupt poultry businesses.
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