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2022 IPPE: 30 years attending for Latin American poultry

IPPE has been the focal point for many of us in the last few decades. It is a place to meet and connect with people and get updated in all segments of the poultry industry.

The 2022 IPPE brought back its in-person event in Atlanta, Georgia as large gatherings are no longer restricted under lockdown. 

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AFIA: Meat consumers want more than absence labels

Consumers, especially sustainability-minded ones with disposable income, need more information about products than they are getting

Consumers with disposable incomes want to buy products they can feel good about, but the meat and poultry industry often doesn't give them enough information to make buying decisions that reflect their beliefs.

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3 takeaways from IPPE 2022

If you missed the 2022 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, you wouldn’t be the only one, but you’d have missed out on a chance to see a showcase of the newest poultry technologies and better understand the ongoing issues they aim to solve

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Hydrogen peroxide shows promise to disinfect hatcheries

Research shows that dry hydrogen peroxide is just as effective at removing microbes as formaldehyde fogging, which could someday become illegal in the United States

University of Georgia research shows that the use of dry hydrogen peroxide could be a viable alternative to sanitizing poultry hatcheries by way of formaldehyde fogging.

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