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Cage-Free Laying Systems


3 tips for egg producers wanting to go cage-free

The CEO of Granja Avícola Rujamar, winner of the Poultry Excellence Award at FIGAN 2019 and the largest producer of cage-free eggs in Spain, tells his recipe for success.
Rubén Martínez, CEO of Rujamar Poultry Farm, believes that soon the use of cages in animal production “is going to be banned, without a doubt.”
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NestFresh emphasizes sustainability with non-GMO eggs

Colorado-based company works to provide consumers with eggs that are certified cage free, free range, humanely treated and non-GMO.
NestFresh works with more than 60 family farms in about 12 states to produce eggs in a flexible, sustainable system that also helps the livelihood of small farmers and those farmers' abilities to support their local economy and community.
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Cage-free egg bill under consideration in New York

If legislation is approved, eggs produced and sold in the state must be from cage-free production systems within 24 months of bill being signed into law
Legislation has been proposed in the state of New York that would require all eggs produced and sold in the state to be raised in cage-free laying systems.
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VIDEO: Key considerations to meet cage-free egg pledges

Professionals in the U.S. egg industry are skeptical of the goal to be 85% cage-free by 2025; what can be done to improve the chances of meeting this objective?
Egg industry members and professionals in the U.S remain skeptical of reaching its goal of 85% cage-free by 2025. What can be done to close the gap and what challenges are still facing producers?
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