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Cage-Free Laying Systems

Whitsons is a leading US food company included in EggTrack

Whitsons Culinary Group is proud to be a leading U.S. food company participating in EggTrack, the cage-free progress tracker by Compassion in World Farming. Companies are selected to participate in EggTrack on the basis of size, egg footprint and market influence.
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New Zealand egg production expected to drop

Some New Zealand egg producers choose not to remain in industry rather than covert to cage-free operations
As New Zealand moves away from the use of conventional cages on layer farms, egg production in the country could decline by about 4.5 percent, one analyst estimated.
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NAMI wants delay in implementation of Prop 12

Offers public comments on high costs for producers and consumers, unconstitutionality, and short compliance window
The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) today submitted public comments regarding California’s Proposition 12 calling for postponement of the law’s implementation so multiple problems affecting consumers and producers may be addressed.
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