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Cage-Free Laying Systems


7 active disease concerns for egg producers

Focal duodenal necrosis is one of the most challenging diseases affecting layers in pullets in the US because it is common and hard to diagnose.
The overall state of health of layers and pullets in the good at the present time. But Dr. Bernie Beckman, director of technical services,Hy-Line North America LLC, identified seven active diseases or syndromes in layersand pullets in the U.S.: focal duodenal necrosis (FDN), bone diseases, Mycoplasmagallisepticum (MG), infectious bronchitis (IB), fowlpox, infectious laryngotracheitis(ILT) and E. coli peritonitis.
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Poultry welfare – expectations and reality

It is time for some self-reflection and to ask ourselves a few difficult questions about public trust in poultry production and animal welfare.
 Welfare of poultry, especially laying hens, has become a major issue for commercial poultry producers in the last 15 to 20 years. It is time forsome self-reflection and to ask ourselves a few difficult questions aboutpublic trust in poultry production and animal welfare.  
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Egg production costs in enriched systems coming down

Julian Madeley, director general, IEC, says EU egg producers are squeezing cost production differential between enriched, conventional cage systems
On January 1, 2012, all hens in the E.U. were supposed to be out of conventional cages. This transition didn't happen precisely on January 1, but by year's end it was mostly complete.
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Consumers say they care where their food comes from

Survey: Consumers say it is important to know where their food comes from, how it is produced
The US egg industry has been engaged in a struggle with activist groups for a number of years over what the future of the industry will look like, will hens still be predominantly kept in cages or will they be cage-free? The one "stakeholder" group that isn't heard from often in this debate is the consumer.
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2013 Egg Industry Survey

2013 Egg Industry Survey: Industry prepares for major changes in 2014

Egg producers serving the California market are busy modifying houses and/or cages in advance of Proposition 2 implementation at the same time two major egg producers’ assets are for sale
The 60 egg companies listed in the 2013 Egg Industry Survey had a total of 263.9 million hens housed on December 31, 2013. With 32 million hens in lay on December 31, 2013, Cal-Maine Foods ranks No. 1.
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Egg producer looking for big growth in enhanced welfare category

Implementation of Proposition 2 in California should speed the growth of cage-free, free-range and pasture-raised egg sales in the Golden State, and perhaps for the rest of the country as well.
When asked about the impact of implementation of Proposition 2 in California on the growth of cage-free and free-range eggs sales, Matt Materazo, president, U.S. operations, the happy egg co., says that he sees this as a potential turning point for the U.S. egg industry. "It is still unclear what the rules will be. But what is clear is that the industry supplying California is going to have to change," he said.
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Selecting a strategy for coping with Proposition 2

Egg producers inside, outside California weigh options for 2015, but legal battles may keep us in suspense until after January 1
The Farm Bill was signed into law in the first week of February without either the Egg Bill or King amendment attached. But now we have the Missouri attorney general's lawsuit to block the state of California from imposing Proposition 2-like standards of production on shell eggs brought into the state for sale.
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Big Dutchman restructures sales service, management in US and Canada

Company promotes Brian Dekker as new field service and installation manager
Big Dutchman Inc. has restructuredits after sales service and installation management for poultry egg and meatproduction systems in the U.S. and Canada. The new structure to their sales andservice organization will continue to provide a high level of service andsupport for customers in the U.S. and Canadian territories.
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Big Dutchman restructures sales management team for egg systems in US, Canada

Growth leads to restructure of sales and new promotions inside Big Dutchman
Big Dutchman Inc. has restructured the sales and management team for the egg systems division to provide a higher level of service and support for customers in the U.S. and Canadian territories. With the continued growth in enrichable and enriched layer house systems and cage-free aviary systems, Big Dutchman USA is moving forward by promoting Terry Pollard to the position of senior vice president, egg systems, U.S. and Canada. 
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Can the egg industry learn from pork processors?

Different industries face common challenges
The US layer and swine industries have developed quite differently, but they have some common challenges. Modern confinement housing systems have generally improved animal health and productivity over the free-range systems employed in the past.
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