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Cage-Free Laying Systems


Virtual reality, but for cage-free housing designs

Understanding how hens perceive and perform in cage-free environments is a step closer following the granting of US$1 million in funding to a U.S. research project.

A five-year research grant focusing on how hens perceive and perform in cage-free environments has been approved for US$1 million.

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2025 will be the US egg industry’s breaking point

While some cage-free laws have already come into effect, the egg industry is still questioning if producers will be able to meet the demand after the 2025 cage-free mandates are in place.

The U.S. egg industry is looking towards California and Massachusetts, who already have 100% cage-free laws implemented, for insight concerning state mandates.

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The US cage-free transition – what’s known

Despite cage-free egg production increasing significantly over the last five years, U.S. producers still have a lot of questions.

What the egg industry does and doesn’t know about cage-free production was the focus of Dr. Janice Swanson at the 2022 MPF Convention in Minneapolis.

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Virtual cage-free management classes overcome travel bans

COVID-19 and avian influenza have driven the need for more virtual management and education methods to ensure cage-free success.

Travel restrictions have prevented cage-free egg producers from accessing coaching. However, a solution to this was presented by Erika Prewitt, Big Dutchman aviary system specialist at the Midwest Poultry Federation (MPF) Convention.

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Missouri may be animal activists’ next cage-free target

Attorney says it is relatively easy for Missouri residents to get matters on the ballot, and the state has enough egg production for such a law to be relevant

Missouri could be the next state to be targeted for a ballot initiative to end the use of cages in egg production, attorney Peter Ruddell says.

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