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Cage-Free Laying Systems

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How does stocking density affect pullet welfare?

Stocking density has been established as a factor in the poultry industry that affects bird behavior.

Research was performed to understand detection of pullet welfare, which could allow for producers and researchers to develop practical and measurable stress markers in cage-free systems.

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Cheesecake Factory to beat own cage-free deadline

The U.S.-based restaurant chain is working towards completing 100% cage-free conversion in its bakery operations three years ahead of its original schedule.

The Cheesecake Factory announced it is working to fast track the sourcing of 100% cage-free eggs by the end of 2022 in its bakery sector, which accounts for the bulk of the company’s egg usage.

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California’s egg producers to take profit hit from Prop 12

The social cost of California’s cage free mandate was revealed; the results should be on egg producer’s radars.

The economic impact of cage-free egg state mandates, company commitments, supply chain challenges, COVID-19 and workforce issues have been, to date, not been fully explored. However, a study conducted by the NC State economists, Dr. Tom Vukina and Eve Oh, gives some answers.

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How probiotics can prevent cage-free gut health issues

Probiotics, plant-based additives and yeast could help inhibit or reduce the prevalence of gut health issues in cage-free laying systems.

How probiotics, plant-based additives and yeast products could help improve cage-free layer gut health was presented by Dr. Mark Blakley, Quality Technical International (QTI) Poultry Veterinarian, at 2022’s International Production and Processing Expo.

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Pest control: a new focus for cage-free system manufacturers

Equipment manufacturers shared with Egg Industry Insight what improvements they have made to reduce and prevent pest activity in their updated cage-free systems.

Egg Industry Insight surveyed five equipment manufacturers to find out how their updated products help to ensure that pest control incidents are reduced or eliminated.

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