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Cage-Free Laying Systems

Cage-free egg announcements in Asia

SaladStop!, Asia’s leading healthy food chain, and multiple hotels are joining the cage-free egg movement.
Asia’s leading healthy food chain and two Hyatt-affiliated hotels are joining the cage-free movement with a commitment to use exclusively cage-free eggs in its supply chain by 2025.
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Hen dietary considerations for improving egg quality

The amount of saleable egg produced per hen becomes even more important as cycle lengths increase along with a move toward cage free.
Egg quality declines naturally at the end of a laying cycle as egg size increases. Profitability of keeping hens longer requires nutritional support for egg quality. Diet formulation can influence the size and number of eggs laid. Calcium availability is key to shell strength but trace elements pay a key role in structural development.
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California to vote on new farm animal confinement laws

Petitioners gain enough signatures to place law that would require all eggs produced and sold in California to be from cage-free systems
California voters will decide on a measure that would eliminate the use of cages for hens laying eggs that are produced or sold in California, after enough signatures were obtained to put the measure on the statewide ballot.
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