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Cage-Free Laying Systems


Cage-free egg farm conversion on a tight schedule

When DeWeerdt Poultry Farm initiated its plan to convert to cage free in 2020, financial restraints and logistical hurdles didn’t make the process easy.

While DeWeerdt Poultry Farm’s construction plans are progressing, its apparent that the new legislation has forced owner Steve DeWeerdt to face challenges along the way.

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US egg producers face an unpredictable market in 2022

Braswell Farms discussed the biggest challenges it’s facing in the egg industry as cage-free mandates close in and the industry continues to change.

Braswell Farm’s fourth-generation president, Trey Braswell, discussed how the North Carolina based company has navigated cage-free legislation and what some of the biggest challenges are for egg producers today.

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Cage-free layer system manufacturers have had to adapt

As the U.S. egg industry is moving closer towards cage-free commitment deadlines and state legislative mandates, equipment producers shared with Egg Industry Insight how their systems have been improved.

Egg Industry Insight completed another survey with five equipment manufacturers to find out how they have adapted to keep up with the cage-free demand.

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Top 5 articles of 2021 feature US cage-free egg demand

How to match cage-free egg supply with current demand while still being prepared for cage-free mandates in California and Massachusetts in 2022 is the unanswered question of 2021 for U.S. egg producers.

Cage-free conversions and how they will affect the industry was a common theme discussed throughout the year. 

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Cal-Maine reports imbalance of cage and cage-free eggs

The largest U.S. egg producer reports challenging conditions faced due to the combination of the cage-free movement, retail demand and the pandemic.

Executives from Cal-Maine Foods presented at the Stephens 2021 Annual Investment Conference on December 2 and discussed the company’s financial results and the uncertain market situation facing all U.S. egg producers.

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China sets cage-free specs due to company commitments

A new standard for producing cage-free eggs in the country is already being utilized, with producers close to completing their certification.

The China Chain Store and Franchise Operation (CCFA) set the country’s standard for the production, distribution, and sale of cage-free eggs in late October of this year.

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Could robots replace hourly employees in cage-free houses?

A robotic technology that can pick up floor eggs, measure microclimates and more could be the answer to the well-known labor increase in cage-free layer houses.

Colin Usher presented a robotic technology to reduce labor and potential contamination opportunities in broiler breeder and cage-free table egg layer houses.

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