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Cage-Free Laying Systems


New Daybreak Foods egg plant to be operational in July

New pullet houses and one layer house in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, have already been populated
Daybreak Foods’ construction of a new egg production complex in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, is progressing nicely, with three new pullet buildings populated and processing equipment starting to arrive at the new plant, which has been erected.
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birds pecking stone

European pecking enrichment introduced to US, Canada

Control of birds' natural instinct to peck may help reduce cannibalism, and therefore increase efficiency
Protekta, an affiliate of global animal health company Vilofoss, has announced the introduction of the new PECKStone, is now available for American and Canadian poultry producers.
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McDonald's cage-free

McDonald's USA one-third of way to cage-free egg goal

726 million cage-free eggs will be sourced for McDonald’s U.S. restaurants in 2019
McDonald’s USA announced that it has reached a milestone with 33% of its egg supply converted to cage-free, delivering meaningful progress towards its 10 year commitment to source 100% cage-free eggs by 2025. This milestone means that 726 million cage-free eggs will be sourced for McDonald’s U.S. restaurants in 2019.
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Cage-free egg pledges and predictions

WATT Global Media’s Top Egg Companies survey helps to analyze where the industry has been and where it could be going
As part of the WATT Global Media 2019 Top Egg Companies survey, U.S. egg producers were asked what percentage of their customers have pledged to purchase only cage-free eggs or egg products by some future date.
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Egg producers: Less than half of US hens will be cage free in 2025

Many major foodservice and retail outlets have pledged to switch to 100 percent cage-free egg purchases by 2025, but not many are setting interim benchmarks to get there.
Learn why U.S. egg producers think less than half of U.S. hens will be housed cage free in 2025, despite future cage-free egg purchase pledges from most major retail and foodservice egg buyers.
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