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Cage-Free Laying Systems

Economic challenges of converting to cage-free eggs

An economist looks at some of the challenges the US egg industry faces as cage-free purchase pledges from major retail and food service customers loom on the horizon.
An economist discusses challenges U.S. egg producers may face as cage-free purchase pledges leave many open questions for not only producers but retailers and consumers too.
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3 cash-use priorities for Cal-Maine Foods

The largest egg company in the United States wants to continue to grow and has identified how it would like to achieve that
Cal-Maine Foods has three main priorities of how to use the company’s cash on hand, Cal-Maine Chief Financial Officer Tim Dawson said on June 7.
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Heat exchangers may be right for cage-free layer houses

The reduced housing density and litter areas that are part of cage-free housing might make heat exchangers a practical component of an air handling system for maintaining good air quality and temperature in wintertime.
Cage-free layer houses provide more room per hen than do cage houses. Learn how a heat exchanger can be used to transfer heat from exhaust air to incoming air during winter months to reduce heating costs and maintain good air quality for cage-free houses.
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Charoen Pokphand Foods adopts animal welfare policy

Broiler, layer, duck and pig operations all affected by animal welfare initiative
Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) is implementing a global policy on animal welfare in line with international animal health principles to ensure of the happiness of its farm animals.
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