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Cage-Free Laying Systems


Cage-free layer houses are not ‘alternative’ anymore

Consumer willingness to pay the additional cost of cage-free egg production is still in question while U.S. egg producers continue to build new cage-free housing in advance to implementation of cage-free housing legislation and cage-free egg purchase pledges.

Many factors play a role in the shift of layer housing to cage-free, including state law changes, consumer demand and housing costs, but there seems to be a disconnect between what consumers are asking for and what they want.

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How has the cage-free movement affected pest control?

As companies transition to cage-free housing, pest control needs to be considered when making structural changes to a facility.

Much of the U.S. egg industry is gradually transitioning to cage-free housing for laying hens. Good pest management is an important part of an egg farm’s food safety program.

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USPOULTRY welcomes cage-free eggshell quality proposals

Research pre-proposals from colleges, universities and other research facilities concerning improvements of eggshell quality in cage-free layer flocks are now being considered by the foundation.

The USPOULTRY and the USPOULTRY Foundation program is offering funding for a research grant to maximize eggshell quality and integrity in cage-free systems.

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Wendy’s accused of violating its cage-free egg commitment

An animal welfare group has sued the quick service restaurant for allegedly misleading its consumers to believe that 100% of their eggs are cage-free.

In 2016, Wendy’s made a commitment to utilize 100% cage-free eggs in its breakfast products by 2020. The commitment was originally made for a portion of their restaurants serving breakfast.

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Is cage-free egg demand really increasing?

Many countries in the world are moving to cage-free systems, but does it mean that Latin America is willing or needs to do so?
The U.S. and countries in the EU are are moving to cage-free layer systems, but does it mean that Latin America is willing or needs to do so?
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Proposition 12 appeal from National Pork Producers rejected

The appeal challenged the Farm Animal Confinement Initiative that required all eggs produced or sold in California to come from cage-free laying systems by the end of 2021.
On July 28th, 2021, California’s Proposition 12 law was tested in a federal courts appeal by the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) and the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF).
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