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Antibiotic-Free Meat

Whole-egg protein supplement receives patent

R&D LifeSciences LLC has received a patent for its novel liquid whole-egg protein supplement, Protemace Liquid. As a result, Protemace is the only patented whole-egg protein supplement stable at room temperature in a liquid form that can be directly added to drinking water or rations of poultry and livestock.
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The Poultry Federation names Tyson CEO among speakers for 2013 conference

Arkansas Nutrition Conference to be held September 3-5 in Rogers, Ark.
The Poultry Federation has announced the lineup of speakers for its 2013 Arkansas Nutrition Conference, being held September 3-5 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Roger, Ark. Featured speakers include industry experts from the U.S. and around the world, such as Donnie Smith of Tyson Foods. 
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Vikon Farms to reopen poultry plant closed by Petit Jean Poultry

Company plans to process chickens that will be exported to Asia
Vikon Farms, a poultry processor that specializes in chickens to be exported to Asia, will reopen a plant in Arkadelphia, Ark., that was closed in 2011 by Petit Jean Poultry. Vikon Farms intends to invest about $5.4 million in the poultry plant.
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The future of poultry nutrition: 1:1 feed conversions by 2025?

With continued genetic advances and proper flock management, broiler producers should be able to produce a pound of meat with one kilogram of feed, probably by 2025.
In the recent past, the goal of an average broiler complex was 2:2:42, which meant growing a two kilogram bird (4.4 pounds), with a feed conversion of 2:1, in 42 days. With continued genetic advances, broiler producers will be able to reach that same weight with just one kilogram of feed, probably by 2025.
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Managing poultry gut health without antibiotics

To optimize bird performance in antibiotic-free production systems, it is essential to manage the intestinal microbial community, thus avoiding the inherent intestinal health risks of intensive poultry production.
To optimise bird performance in antibiotic free production systems, it is essential to manage the intestinal microbial community, so avoiding the inherent intestinal health risks of intensive poultry production.
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Allen Harim hopes to process ‘ginseng birds’ at proposed facility in Delaware

Specialty chickens, popular in Korea, will help satisfy demand from Asian Americans, export markets
As Allen Harim Foods prepares to begin operations in Millsboro, Del., it intends to specialize in poultry products not yet established in the United States. The company plans to process what it refers to as a "ginseng bird," a smaller chicken that gets its name from its use in ginseng stew.
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Consumer demands on antibiotic-free pork production challenge industry

Chief science and technology officer of Murphy-Brown LLC discusses his company’s approach to sub-therapeutic and therapeutic antibiotic use.
The animal agribusiness industry - specifically pig producers - are currently walking a fine line between science and consumer attitudes and values  when it comes to the use of antibiotics, and especially antibiotics as growth promoters.
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Future of growth promoters in poultry production discussed at Alltech Symposium

Poultry industry needs to educate the public on vaccination, antibiotics as growth promoters
A seminar dedicated to what the poultry industry can expect from antibiotics as growth promoters was one of the outstanding sessions presented on May 20 during the Alltech Symposium. At least 12 speakers from the U.S., United Kingdom and Brazil gave their vision of what to expect in poultry production, particularly broilers, until the end of the decade with antibiotic-free production at the Alltech Symposium.
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China plan will make Tyson poultry preferred choice, managers say

Biosecurity, food safety efforts aimed to ease minds of reluctant Chinese consumers
Tyson Foods is looking to China as a key area to grow its revenue after the company reported a decline in earnings for the second quarter. By stepping up its efforts to assure a safe food supply, Tyson officials said they believe their chicken products will set a standard that will win over reluctant Chinese poultry consumers.
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