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Antibiotic-Free Meat

House of Raeford acquiring Filet of Chicken

Purchase of frozen poultry product company is expected to be finalized by June 27
House of Raeford Farms has reached an agreement to purchase the business, operating assets, and trademark of Filet of Chicken Acquisition LLC of Forest Park, Georgia, from Flagship Food Group LLC. Additionally, the companies have entered into a long-term supply and joint marketing agreement.
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World poultry industry adapts to commodity volatility

Grain costs, quality top list of feeding challenges in WATT's 2014 Nutrition and Feed Survey
In recent years, the poultry industry faced its share of ups and downs. WATT Global Media’s 2014 Nutrition and Feed Survey reveals the poultry industry’s ability to adapt when faced with feeding challenges and market volatility.Overall, however, all regions remain optimistic. According to the survey’s participants, the 2014 business outlook is on the upswing with 42 percent expecting profitability to improve.
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Antibiotics in pork: Is pig industry sending mixed message to public?

Swine forum questions what ‘antibiotic-free’ means
During the International Pig Forum at the 30th Alltech Symposium, experts and attendees discussed the use of antibiotics in pork production and how consumers react to their usage. The forum group agreed that the swine industry needs a definition in order to present a unified front to the public, helping circumvent consumer confusion.
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Alliance Stakeholders Summit tackles tough issues

Antibiotics, sustainability, farm size discussed during first day of summit
“I don’t see that there has ever been a better time for animal agriculture,” said Nancy Kruse, president of The Kruse Company, while addressing attendees May 8 at the 13th annual Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit.“Think about it,” said Kruse. “Meatless Monday, has been unsuccessful because students like to have choices. Butter consumption has come back up 24% in the past decade. Egg dishes and fried chicken are ‘real food’ and they are booming. Butchers have become rock stars.”
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Perdue leader: Antibiotic use perceptions must be respected

Even if consumer feelings are not fact-based, they are still valid
Consumer feelings about antibiotic use in meat and poultryproduction may not always be fact-based or accurate, but those feelings muststill be respected by meat and poultry producers, Joe Forsthoffer, director ofcorporate communications, Perdue Farms said. Speaking May 8 at the AnimalAgriculture Alliance Stakeholder’s Summit, Forsthoffer said consumer opinions,including those regarding antibiotics, are a large driving factor in the foodindustry.
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Bell & Evans loses 37,000 chickens in fire

Electrical malfunction in chicken house is believed to be the cause of fire
A fire at a two-story chicken house in Lititz, Penn., killed about 37,000 chickens that were being raised for poultry company Bell & Evans. An electrical malfunction in the chicken house is believed to have caused the chicken farm fire on April 29.
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Can Chick-fil-A’s cows make antibiotic-free chicken mainstream?

Chick-fil-A recently announced its intention to serve only chicken products from birds raised without antibiotics in all of its restaurants within five years. The company currently serves all white meat products processed from chickens that are conventionally raised, which means they may have received antibiotics at some point in their growing cycle.
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