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Antibiotic-Free Meat

VIV animal health summit to highlight antibiotic use reduction

Topics to include demedication, antibiotic-free production, organic acids
A special feature of VIV Asia 2013, being held March 13–15, in Bangkok, Thailand, is the VIV Animal Health Summit on March 14 that will focus on reducing the use of antibiotics in livestock production. Antibiotics are still widely used in food animal production in many parts of the world.  
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Tyson chicken segment thriving; beef, pork, face challenges

Value-added products, international operations, acquisitions part of growth plan
Tyson Foods executives say the chicken segment of their company is thriving, and they are optimistic that increased focus on value-added poultry products will be a key component to the company’s growth.
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Fieldale Farms overcomes cost barriers with 100 percent antibiotic-free operations

Company went from 100,000-150,000 antibiotic-free broilers weekly to beyond 2.8 million
After easing its way into antibiotic-free production, Fieldale Farms made the move in 2011 to raising 100 percent of its broilers antibiotic-free. Doing so has presented a few challenges, including increased costs of production and greater risk for certain avian health problems, but the company has met those challenges head-on.
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Antibiotics alternatives, future usage discussed at 2013 IPPE

More restrictions inevitable, plans underway
More restrictions on antibiotic use in food animals are inevitable, and the search for alternatives has to take into account the integrity of both the upper and lower intestinal tracts. A shift in the understanding of where in the intestinal tract nutrients become available to the bird is important in devising an effective new antimicrobial strategy, said Dr. Stephen R. Collett of the Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center at the University of Georgia, as part of his presentation on organic acids, held during the second day of the Antibiotic Conference – Current Issues for the Poultry & Egg Industry at the 2013 International Production & Processing Expo. 
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Oregano being tested as potential animal antibiotics substitute

Chicken, pig farms looking to meet needs of growing organic meat market
Some farmers are testing oregano as a possible alternative to antibiotics as a way to fight off bacterial diseases, catering to a growing consumer base looking for antibiotic-free meat in their grocery aisles. Right now, antibiotic-free meat sales are a small fractino of the overall meat market, but it is a growing segment, according to data.
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Poultry nutrition

Lowering poultry feed formulation costs with phytogenics

Formulating poultry diets with phytogenics can lower costs for feed producers without sacrificing feed performance.
For decades, broiler producers have tended to use high-density diets to feed their stocks and seek the highest possible profitability. But, with increasing feed prices, the entire production process is searching for alternatives to conventional feeding programs based on high-nutrient poultry diets to increase profitability.
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Top U.S. Turkey Companies: 2011 Profiles

Turkey industry rankings, production volume and marketing data on the USA’s top turkey companies
WATT PoultryUSA 2011 RANKINGS. Turkey industry rankings, production volume and marketing data on the USA’s top turkey companies. WATT PoultryUSA turkey rankings are based on annual slaughter volume pounds in the U.S. Data is from an exclusive survey of turkey companies, published sources and industry estimates.  
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