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Antibiotic-Free Meat

4 pillars for successful farm-level antibiotic reduction

Antibiotics can be replaced by a farm-wide approach that requires more than adding additives in animal feeds.
When examined at farm level, many antibiotic-reduction programs fail to achieve the lofty goals set by governments. The main reason in most cases is the one-dimensional approach followed by those involved in such attempts, and this includes farmers and their consultants.
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Antibiotic-free poultry views reveal communication gap

Survey shows that those involved in animal agriculture think animal health and welfare, food safety are compromised in antibiotic-free production, but the consumers think opposite
The majority of poultry growers and veterinarians recently polled believe that animal health and welfare, as well as food safety, are more at risk in a raised-without-antibiotics (RWA) production operation than those raised with the judicious use of antibiotics.
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Is inflammation control key to antibiotic-free poultry?

Managing inflammation will be increasingly important for successful antibiotic-free poultry production, but more work is needed to ensure interventions are correctly chosen.
Better and quicker diagnosis of gut inflammation is needed if antibiotic-free poultry production is to gain maximum benefit from its control.
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Beef takes heat in new Chain Reaction antibiotics report

Rather than examining antibiotic use in supply chain for all meat and poultry products, the 2018 Chain Reaction report focuses on hamburgers
For the past three years, the Chain Reaction report on antibiotic use in the supply chain for the top U.S. restaurant chains has graded those chains on their antibiotic use in all species of meat animals, including chicken, turkeys, pigs and beef cattle.
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7 types of phytogenics for ABF production

Find out how phytogenic feed additives can be used in antibiotic-free production
Phytogenic feed additives, also known as plant-based feed additives or botanicals, can be used effectively in antibiotic-free production.
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