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Antibiotic-Free Meat

Special report

Poultry feed formulations driven by consumers, market

WATT Global Media’s annual Poultry Nutrition & Feed Survey reveals added costs of changing consumer preferences and regulations in poultry feed production.
The changing chicken marketing environment has driven costs downstream, posing formulation challenges for nutritionists and feed producers.
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How can egg production be antibiotic-free?

Biomin carried out its Antibiotic Free Days Poultry Focus in Vienna, Austria, focused this time on laying hens
There are four factors that work so that fewer antibiotics are needed. Know what they are and how to limit the use of antibiotics to specific situations.
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How to leverage feed in antibiotic-free livestock production

2018 FIAAP Animal Nutrition Conference will explore utilization of animal feed additives for AGP replacement, improved animal health and performance
The 2018 FIAAP Animal Nutrition Conference, to be held March 27 in Bangkok, will tackle several key topics related to the elimination and reduction of antibiotic usage in animal feed and production.
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