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Antibiotic-Free Meat


Denny’s to end use of medically important antibiotics

Effective March 1, all of restaurant chain’s broiler supply will be raised without the use of antibiotics important to human medicine
Denny’s has committed to stop sourcing meat from chickens that have been treated with medically important antibiotics, effective March 1.
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5 keys to successful antibiotic-free poultry production

Find out how to promote the health of birds in no-antibiotics-ever broiler production
There are five guiding principles to successful antibiotic-free poultry production, according to Charles Hofacre, president, Southern Poultry Research Group and University of Georgia professor emeritus.
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International Poultry Council statement on OIE report on antimicrobial use

Responsible antimicrobial use, proper animal care and stakeholder collaboration are key components of the ‘One Health’ approach as all work to minimize the use of antibiotics in food animals and the sector’s contribution to the potential development of antimicrobial resistance. The third OIE report on the global use of antimicrobials is a significant contribution to ensure more accurate information is available so informed decisions can be made to advance evidence-based antimicrobial stewardship practices globally.
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Ohio State speaker

NAE production practices to combat gastrointestinal challenges

Coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis are a main concern in no antibiotics ever production, early exposure and good management practices are key
Two of the biggest health challenges with no antibiotic ever (NAE) production are coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis, explained Ohio State University's Ph.D. Lisa Bielke at IPPE.
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Poultry industry antibiotic usage falls sharply

The chicken and turkey industries significantly reduced their usage of antibiotics between 2016 and 2017, according to a new report.
Thanks to voluntary and mandated reduction of antibiotics, both the chicken and turkey industries made major reductions in their use of both medically important and non-medically important antibiotics.
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Protein trends

Consumers and the meat-free mindset: Protein alternatives evolve

Plant-based meat substitutes and cell-cultured meats are advancing fast. Should poultry and livestock producers embrace change and jump aboard?
Fueled by a consumer curiosity to going meat free, plant-based and cell-cultured meat alternatives are gaining momentum and they are set to take market share from animal meat production.
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