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Antibiotic-Free Meat

How can egg production be antibiotic-free?

Biomin carried out its Antibiotic Free Days Poultry Focus in Vienna, Austria, focused this time on laying hens
There are four factors that work so that fewer antibiotics are needed. Know what they are and how to limit the use of antibiotics to specific situations.
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How to leverage feed in antibiotic-free livestock production

2018 FIAAP Animal Nutrition Conference will explore utilization of animal feed additives for AGP replacement, improved animal health and performance
The 2018 FIAAP Animal Nutrition Conference, to be held March 27 in Bangkok, will tackle several key topics related to the elimination and reduction of antibiotic usage in animal feed and production.
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Understand antibiotic-alternative feed additives first

Livestock producers need to understand how specific feed additives work when used in place of antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) to make most effective use of the AGP alternatives.
Livestock producers should identify the root of any health problems their animals face before selecting an AGP alternative.
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Need to find antibiotic alternatives is growing

About 40 percent of consumers say they seek more antibiotic-free meat and poultry offerings
Finding alternatives to antibiotics is a growing challenge for the animal agriculture industry as studies show antimicrobial resistance will lead to millions of human deaths and substantial economic losses.
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Sanderson board to shareholders: Vote to keep antibiotics

Company says there is already an oversupply of chicken raised without antibiotics
Sanderson Farms, in a notice filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), advised shareholders that they could expect a proposal to eliminate the use of medically important antibiotics from the company’s supply chain, and recommended that shareholders vote against it.
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