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Chicken Marketing Summit News


What role will alternative proteins play in the future?

Shoppers trying plant-based products will only keep eating them if they like it well enough to spend more than meat.
Curious eaters are trying a new generation of alternative protein products for the first time. A panel of consumer trends analysts said how it tastes will determine if shoppers buy it again.
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Flexitarian not an ‘f’ word for chicken producers

Flexitarian eating and plant-based proteins are here to stay, so poultry marketers need to take advantage of their product’s high protein level and affordability.
The growing flexitarian style of eating would seem to be a curse to the meat and poultry industry. It encourages eating plant-based foods while allowing meat and other animal products in moderation.
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US Hispanic market for chicken needs to be claimed

The Hispanic market has outsized potential for food sales over the next 40 years, but chicken companies need to tailor their marketing to the segment.
Speaking at the Chicken Marketing Summit, Frank Thurlow, formerly category director for beef and poultry with Southeastern Grocers, said, “We had to figure out what the Hispanic customer was looking for and what we needed to do to be attractive to that customer.”
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