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The future of chicken on restaurant menus

Chicken remains a staple on restaurant menus, but the industry needs to be mindful of “disruptive” alternative proteins.
Chicken is a staple on restaurant menus, but consumers’ changing diet habits mean the poultry industry needs to be creative to compete with alternative proteins.
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Survey shows US chicken consumption remains strong

More than nine in ten consumers purchase chicken regularly
U.S. chicken consumption remains high, and consumers are hungry for more information about the chicken they purchase, according to new research presented today at the 2018 Chicken Marketing Summit, in Orlando, Florida.
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JBS Moy Park

3 keys to the future of food safety in poultry

Poultry companies need to collaborate, educate consumers and leverage new technology in order to win the battle on food safety, according to Frank Yiannas, vice president, food safety, Walmart.
Ensuring a safe food supply for consumers depends on poultry companies collaborating, educating consumers and leveraging new technologies, according to Frank Yiannas, vice president, food safety, Walmart.
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Lampkin Butts, Sanderson Farms

Sanderson Farms shares marketing insights at chicken summit

Sanderson Farms COO Lampkin Butts spoke about the company’s vision for the poultry market as well as its mission to promote a more transparent chicken industry.
Sanderson Farms's president and chief operating officer said the company is doing things differently than the rest of the industry because it sees the world differently.
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How to differentiate poultry with branding, transparency

As consumers continue to call for transparency, branding is a key differentiating factor for companies looking to increase profit margins on poultry.
Consumers demanding transparency in their food and flat meat consumption rates are making branding a differentiating factor for poultry companies looking to increase their profit margins on chicken, according to Steve Sands, speaking at the Chicken Marketing Summit.
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IPC President Jim Sumner speaks at the 2017 Latin American Poultry Congress

Poultry trade issues to be covered at 2018 Chicken Marketing Summit

USAPEEC president says poultry industry has challenges and opportunities on the trade front
People attending the 2018 Chicken Marketing Summit will get a chance to learn more about trade issues concerning the poultry industry as Jim Sumner, president of the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) will share his insights as part of a panel discussion.
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Learn from 10 sessions at 2018 Chicken Marketing Summit

‘Survive and thrive in disruptive times’ is theme for 2018 edition of Chicken Marketing Summit
The 2018 Chicken Marketing Summit will bring together chicken marketers and buyers, as well as many of the poultry industry’s allied partners, and will address challenges and opportunities that sellers and marketers face.
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Online grocery shopping expected to grow steadily

Brick Meets Click projects 8 percent of grocery shopping will be done online in the U.S. by the end of 2022
Online grocery shopping in the United States is expected to climb from under 5 percent at the end of 2017 to more than 8 percent by the end of 2022, according to a blog from Brick Meets Click Partner David Bishop.
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How to market chicken to digitally dependent consumers

One of the food industry’s top thought leaders to offer e-commerce solutions at the 2018 Chicken Marketing Summit.
Learn how e-commerce will increasingly impact chicken marketing and the supply chain as consumers use digital tools and connections from voice-activated digital assistants to virtual reality to manage their food choices. Bill Bishop of Brick Meets Click will explore how chicken marketers can better align with consumers and retailers to successfully sell more to digitally connected shoppers.
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