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Chicken Marketing Summit News

Chicken buyers change as e-commerce proliferates

The emergence of online and mobile shopping is making grocers and restaurateurs change the way they do business to stay competitive.
Chicken buyers at the 2018 Chicken Marketing Summit spoke about their experiences with e-commerce and the constant struggle to provide transparency consumers crave.
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Handling an era of disruption in the poultry industry

Panelists assembled at the 2018 Chicken Marketing Summit considered some of the most challenging issues facing the industry and how to deal with them going forward.
The chicken industry must overcome serious disruptions – trade conflict, consumer desires for more transparency and genetics issues – in order to survive and thrive in the future.
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Can egg producers win the food safety race?

Walmart executive says chicken producers are in a race between their companies’ ability to prevent foodborne illnesses and society’s ability to detect them.
Walmart executive says that poultry producers are in a race to improve the safety of their products more quickly than the technologies for tracing back foodborne illnesses are advancing.
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The future of chicken on restaurant menus

Chicken remains a staple on restaurant menus, but the industry needs to be mindful of “disruptive” alternative proteins.
Chicken is a staple on restaurant menus, but consumers’ changing diet habits mean the poultry industry needs to be creative to compete with alternative proteins.
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Survey shows US chicken consumption remains strong

More than nine in ten consumers purchase chicken regularly
U.S. chicken consumption remains high, and consumers are hungry for more information about the chicken they purchase, according to new research presented today at the 2018 Chicken Marketing Summit, in Orlando, Florida.
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3 keys to the future of food safety in poultry

Poultry companies need to collaborate, educate consumers and leverage new technology in order to win the battle on food safety, according to Frank Yiannas, vice president, food safety, Walmart.
Ensuring a safe food supply for consumers depends on poultry companies collaborating, educating consumers and leveraging new technologies, according to Frank Yiannas, vice president, food safety, Walmart.
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Sanderson Farms shares marketing insights at chicken summit

Sanderson Farms COO Lampkin Butts spoke about the company’s vision for the poultry market as well as its mission to promote a more transparent chicken industry.
Sanderson Farms's president and chief operating officer said the company is doing things differently than the rest of the industry because it sees the world differently.
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