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3 poultry health risks when antibiotics aren’t used

Elimination of antibiotics creates wet litter problems, which increase odds of three health problems in broilers, specialist says
The production of broilers without the use of antibiotics is a rapidly growing trend, but cutting antibiotic use does have its drawbacks, said Matthew Salois.
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Poultry consumers more interested in worker treatment

Working conditions, employee pay and training are of increasing importance to shoppers
As chicken consumers have become more socially conscious, they are also increasingly more concerned about how the companies that produce their food treat the people who helped bring it to their plate.
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Bill Lovette Pilgrims Pride Chicken Marketing Summit

Chicken producers must speak fearlessly on issues

On key issues like 'big ag,' animal care and welfare, and food labeling, chicken producers must speak with courage and clarity.
Chicken producers must speak fearlessly, and with clarity, to close the gap between consumer perceptions and reality on issues like 'big ag,' animal care and welfare, and food labeling.
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Listeria chicken

US chicken consumption remains at all-time high

Nine in 10 consumers purchase chicken regularly
U.S. consumers report their chicken consumption remains high even though 2017 levels have moderated and returned to those seen a couple of years ago, according to new research.
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