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Poultry Tech Summit News

8 digital technologies to disrupt the turkey industry

Increasing competition from larger broilers and lower-cost, plant-based meat alternatives, turkey producers will have to embrace new technologies to improve efficiency and transparency to maintain market share.
Sensors, robots, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other digital technologies can make turkey producers competitive with other protein sources.
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Labor shortages impacting the poultry supply chain

Strong economy, ICE raids and electronic driver logs are making it harder for companies throughout the poultry supply chain to maintain full staffing.

Poultry processors and distributors share thoughts on coping with labor and truck driver shortages as part of round table discussions.

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Is artificial intelligence right for poultry production?

Artificial intelligence offers many promises to the poultry industry, but all these promises come with catches.
The promise of labor-saving, flawless decision-making, 24-hour-a-day monitoring, improved processing, predictive feed digestion and bird management is compelling to an industry struggling to hire experienced operatives, but all these promises come with catches.
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