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ergonomic wearables

Digitally tracking worker movements to reduce injuries

When plant managers know workers move in manners that are potentially hazardous, they can help them make corrections and cut down on injuries and absenteeism
A new wearable digital technology has already shown to help meat and poultry plant workers become aware of their potentially hazardous movements that could cause injuries. But the technology could also have additional benefits to workers on poultry farms and feed mills.
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How COVID-19 will transform the poultry industry

Poultry producers are successfully tackling challenges COVID-19 challenges, but the industry that emerges post-pandemic will be very different to the one we know today.
The poultry industry is transforming to the new realities posed by COVID-19 and becoming more technologically advanced, automated and secure.
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How AI can help integrators solve unseen problems

Using advanced artificial intelligence software, integrators can find solutions through data that would otherwise difficult to perceive.
New artificial intelligence technology can help integrators save money and get better flock performance by facilitating investigation and decision making.
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Pilgrim's Q1 2016

Imagine the poultry industry in a post-COVID world

Dr. Paul Aho offers his projections on what the poultry industry will be like once we emerge from pandemic
Poultry industry economist Dr. Paul Aho said we are now living in the portal to the post-COVID-19 world, and once we pass through that portal, the global poultry industry could be very different.
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