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Poultry Tech Summit News

Poultry food safety: Next-generation DNA sequencing is here

Move over, PCR, for high-throughput DNA sequencing that cuts Salmonella detection, sequencing time to 24 hours while reducing false positives, negatives.

Next-generation sequencing food safety technology that promises to deliver unprecedented insight into supply chains at a rate and scale never experienced before is poised for commercial launch in poultry processing.

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Poultry farming: The robots are coming

Predictions are that robots in poultry houses will soon surveil grow-out conditions and perform interactive tasks all around the industry.
Robotic technologies to be presented at the Poultry Tech Summit give a glimpse into the next revolution in poultry farming — automation that tirelessly interacts with flocks, pinpoints localized problems in the house and reports everything on the cloud.    
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Nanotubes trap avian flu viruses for early detection

Nanotechnology for early detection of avian influenza may soon move from the research lab to commercial poultry applications.
Nanotechnology to be presented at the Poultry Tech Summit acts as a filter to trap avian influenza viruses for quick identification without dependence on antibodies.
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