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African Swine Fever


US Senate approves bill to add ag inspectors at ports

Pork organizations applaud vote as threat of ASF looms
The United States Senate on October 25 unanimously approved a bill to address the shortage of agricultural inspectors who protect the nation’s food supply and agricultural industries at the border.
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China trade

Report: China to end punitive tariffs on US pork, soy

National Pork Producers Council says if news is true, it would be huge breakthrough for U.S. pork industry
China’s Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council intends to remove punitive tariffs on U.S. pork and soybeans, as well as some other agricultural goods from the United States, according to Chinese media outlet Xinhua.
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China pork

ASF drives Chinese soy meal consumption to 4-year low

Feed demand is down, but pork industry profits likely to soar, USDA says
Despite a seven-month decline in the size of china’s pig herd due to African swine fever, feed demand in China has decreased only marginally. Imports of U.S. soybeans, however, continue to drop dramatically.
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